In Game Recording (problematic)

The system has an in game recording software that is actually bogging down the entire game for me. There needs to be a feature that allows players to disable this, otherswise the game is absolutely unplayable. instances where framerates are crucial drop, simply because the system is trying to record everything. Essentially forcing my computer to render everything at once. Plz fix, the game is cool. but i feel like this feature is unnecessary.

Could you please specify how exactly you have come to the conclusion that "recording software" is the cause of your drops ?

We are using built-in UE4 Replay system which is server-side and has nothing to do with client performance.This is present on MatchMaking servers only.

Then there is Nvidia Highlights to record few seconds of gameplay based on pre-programmed triggers. This system works only when User have Nvidia GPU compatible with Nvidia Shadowplay and when User actually activates this function (on/off switch is present in Game settings).