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Hi. If the "always allow spawn locator" is set to "false" after you added Spintiresmod.exe, try to set it to "true".
And if you took a backup copy of the original file before you added Spintiresmod, you can check both gameconfig.xml files, then comparing the files.

I've experienced the same on some maps, but also with some modified vehicles.

A new version has dropped. Some tracked vehicles (with PointToPlane) should work now.

I did not test it.

@alpscruiser i don't use tracked vehicles so I might skip this version, but let me know man if any real changes were made and if its worth it.


Russian tracks on american soil - so yes it works again. But not for all MODs.
No drawbags mentioned until now.


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@alpscruiser did it fixed the locator thing? im having that issue too its always on

@8up-local "this is something i have been wondering about for some time now. just who exactly is this AlexNez? i see he uploads to a certain site and always seems to have his hands or some involvement with so many mods on "that" site. i mean it is quite absurd how many things he has some type of credit for there."
__hi, i recently read about him and his friends, i don't remember it well enough to quote much. i remember that he is a large part of the .ru site, and a huge contributor to the Russian ST/MR community.. also he's been around since day one in the ST/MR world, and has close ties to the creator of the franchise. _RUFUS

ps. i think that we are talking about the same site .I have DL every map as it comes out from it, (yes a lot are in the workshop, and even more that are not), however if something/anything ever happens I have 807 maps as of now to always play. even if there is no more internet.. i have mods and maps to use.

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I'm running the most recent version of STMR and this mod. When I try playing multiplayer with my friends who all did the same install process, they will crash when we try using modded vehicles. We've tried a few different vehicles with the same result. If we use stock vehicles then there is no problem.
Any ideas?

What is the best source for the latest update?

Not letting you rescue to the garage

Got it. I also read the older posts about it.

But i don´t get the need of rescuing Trucks back to the Garage with SpintiresMod.
You always have the Garage option by clicking on it in the right upper corner.

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@alpscruiser Sometimes you want to take the other route which starts at the garage, but you don't want to lose progress and don't want to drive back. Or you started driving and half way you want to know how an other truck does on that same trail. That's when you need the rescue to garage option.

@wrangmog I understand your use case, but it´s more for trailing Maps and 4x4 then logging. And because i´m no trailing guy i didn´t think about this case. If i have time today i will check.

this not a 'true' update but it does address some issues until the full update is released, i can say that using the beta editor, the texture issue appears to of been fixed. It works for me. i don't know if it will solve problems for others in the Beta Editor.
i have not played in game yet.. THE VER. NUMBER IS THE SAME, NOT A FULL UPDATE.. check the post date, it will be yesterday's date @ 10:22 am

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@wrangmog recall a truck to your actually used truck and position is possible but not recall to the garage

@alpscruiser yeah that's true, but in that case I can just spawn an other truck in ;). Just kidding, I actually forgot that that option was there because its always a gamble if it will let you recall, or if something is blocking the area 😞 that's for reminding me, guess I just need to keep one vehicle at the garage I guess.

@sebmaz You can just click on the garage on your minimap. This option actually turns all locators including garages into a "spawn locator" I'm not sure if you can do this on controller or not.


I did change the value, but that did not change the outcome, I still can't recover the trucks. and this is value for every of my vehicles (stock, mod, etc) on every map (stock and mod)....

I've played with a couple of others settings with the hope that the issue might be dependant of multiple settings, but I can't seem to figure out what is the issue.... very frustrating...


I did try this, the garage icon doesn't even "light up" to double click on.


can you explain? I can't just recall every truck to another truck, and as far as I know the code to make truck re callable is not in their XML files..


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