SpinTiresMod How To Install and Discussion

@mexican_420, From the little I read of it, I would say that it means to make sure the (trucks, plants, models), are in the newly created mod folder before you publish it.

@mexican_420 my editor was broken last night watch my stream I tried a few times to rebuild level and it crashed....

Focus: ok guys game supports workshop maps now!, ......... you just can't use the editor to make them......


After updating the game AND editor...
I tried to run the flat map I made, after the update, and there were no vehicles to select. So I just opened it in the editor to see if it would work, and it did. It had to rebuild the terrain again but it worked fine. I also just saved it and copied the .stg and .dds to my map folder and ran it thru the config.xml, just like I used to. I didn't have to change anything either.

There were errors, tho, while rebuilding the terrain. It says some glass textures were missing for the uaz and something else. Don't remember, tho, sorry. But it had nothing to do with my map except I have the UAZ in my map. Dunno what it means tho.

It also says that you can check you map in game thru the proving grounds before you publish it.

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@tattoo I don't like the fact that it only accepts workshop maps from my understanding not the old maps.... if that's not the case then my apologies but that then falls in the devs for not clarifying the process and notifying people of the changes in a clear descriptive manner....

Are you running the current build of the game, or the previous build?
Also guys, can we jump this conversation to a more relevant thread, since it doesn't pertain to STMod at this point?

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@fearwheels Wow im really blowin away by ur entire post...first alex is a russian and most of time cant get ahold of the guy...

2...we dont give to crap about st mod exe its ur own personal preference to use it,its not our creation and i dont use it neither do most of my friends due to the issues with it (ITS A ENGINE HACK>>>LOL nothing more)so we simply released the weather if you dont like the fact it isnt compatible with st mod exe take that up with alex...we design our stuff on stock game not using someones engine hack mod nor do we have control over his mod itself that is his thing...again...so theres ur answer and thank you for being so grateful to leave such a wonderful respectful SHAME ON YOU message like you did above...ur very welcome..know go cry to alex since its not on our end there is any issue not with weather build and stock game 😉

Anyone having trouble loading proving grounds with STM .10a? Loads fine with stock .exe but not with STM, I get a level proving_grounds file not found or something like that.

just did the download for the .12: got it to work, everything works in single player, can see custom maps from the workshop but none that I have from other websites. and in multiplayer I have nothing but the stock maps. do I have a line of code missing somewhere for the multiplayer maps? I don't really mind too much about the website maps. ill just do the workshop ones.

@jamesvananden For multiplayer you have to click the button that says Manage Mods and double click on the map/trucks you want for the multiplayer session. And then select them officially when you go to choose the map/trucks.

@gabe I have been downloading MODS on this site. very convenient.
Although I am a legitimate user, there are still many pirates who need to download mods.
I can't beat myself lately. I am lazy. Do not want to download
Every time you share a mod, it will be deleted by the system.!0_1523300101317_YY截图20180410025417.png
Because it is a Chinese character, you cannot read

@a-slice-of-pizza so simple. I figured that out with the trucks but never realized the maps where there too. awesome. thanks much.

@7881632 Huh? What the FUCK are you talking about?

Yeah @7881632 you might have posted in the wrong discussion...
@jamesvananden Glad to help 😃

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Hi Guys, short question.

Is it possible that with .11 version the tracked vehicles don´t work anymore? Does Focus changed something in the code?
Last time i tried different tracked vehicles they won´t move when i accelerate.

Is this fixed in .12 version? Or maybe no problem at all so i have to find the problem?


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@Alpscruiser not sure. I don't use tracked vehicles so idk, but try it anyway if you want.