SpinTiresMod How To Install and Discussion

I agree with invalidredneck, you could mention this in your description, same as all tracked vehicles/tank tread use spintires mod for them to work, they all have it mentioned.

Also, would be a shame for all that work to be kept out of sight 🙂

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@Tattoo - Badlands 2 will be fine.. Its my new one i'm working on called "Coopers Creek" that will have the issues. Its 96x96 which currently will require the STMod to work unless Focus enables large maps natively. But thanks for the feedback.


Maps that large are going to cause problems in almost every direction.. If you fill that map up with stuff, it will max out the allotted ram usage. Im afraid that a map that large will cause alot of crashes.

@RoughRider - I agree its going to push some people's machines a bit. I'm trying to be smart about how I paint in vegetation and rocks. I guess if nothing else this will be a good test for me to see how far I can go with things. It wont be for everyone, but hopefully it will be worth it for people who can run it.

@pix3lmonkey Not machines... The game caps the amount of ram it can use. With mods we can only get 4gb. I've topped that in the editor before.

@invalidredneck I checked the config.xml file, after the verification, It's all in there as you said, I reinstalled the directory in STM, the game still crashes at launch.

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Anyone seeing Suspension Damage option with this new version? Trying to find a solution for the Diff Lock damage if it's in any way related. I tried Disable Damage but that only works for suspension and sometimes water damage. Also, battery winch doesn't seem to be working, if this was an option for when the engine stalled I presume?

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@nokadota why you okay in hardcore then if you don't like diff damage?? Play in casual mode

@invalidredneck is there any way I can communicate w/ you in order to solve this issue, or with anyone who might be able to help me?


You have a point there Forces, didn't think of that. I assumed that is the norm, don't you all play hardcore? My only gripe is that on casual I lose some mechanics that I may want, like wheels will auto-steer on slopes, minimal navigation. I would disable those that are annoying, like for example diff lock when doing trails. Coming down and up on slopes repeatedly brings the diff damage display way to easily and it can get frustrating sometimes on smaller slopes.

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So, can someone please confirm if diff lock remains damageable on hardcore even if I disable damage in spintires dev mod?

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Yes, diff lock will still cause damage even with damage turned off in hardcore.

Ok, thanks for checking it out

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@nokadota i leave my game in hardcore mostly because my mods dont use that much fuel in any mode, but yeah those feeatures are some that i would love to have in Casual

I think it would be nice to see the devs give us the dev tools and damage option by default, they could make it so that achievements get disabled by activating those features. But these are just my thoughts....

the Major issue with that is the fact this is an independant APP..the game DEV's have nothing to do with it..

@wrangmog: agreed
@bigboyzback: if you look at the proving ground dev menu and the STMod, they do the same exact things, less the "cheats", so I would assume that it wouldn't be much effort to offer those features, in the game. actually they are already in the game, just sequestered to the proving ground map.
_I would like to hear the Devs Thoughts and Reasons for not offering it. I know, there's a better chance of Dodge making worthy truck, Before we hear from Them. didn't mean to say that out loudđŸ˜ș

newest version.. SpinTiresMod.exe version 1.9.0 beta3 for Spintires: MudRunner (v19.11.18)
PS what does this mean.. the reshade option

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@rufus reshade uses a d3d9.dll and so as the spinmod so you need to set the reshade d3d9.dll route to avoid the spinmod to everride it (from what i readed about in ST+ back at oovee)

now this built in reshade might be a built in d3d9.dll or custom configs that can be set with spin mod, just a wild guess, i cant download from stmods.ru for some reason

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