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I'm enjoying this tool a whole lot, and particularly the MeshConvert part of it. It does an awesome job at analyzing a mesh file (and showing the data for Frames). Is it documented anywhere how this tool reads the mesh file? So what the specs are of the different fields, fields lengths etc? I've been able to track down a lot of it by using an Hex editor, but it would save me a whole lot of time if that information was available anywhere. I hope someone can help me out with this. I'm using this information to make the model conversion process a lot smoother.

One of the things in particular I'm looking for is where the origin is defined for different parts, and also where the element count comes from. If I extract the mesh, it's just one mesh per part, even if it lists as for example 4 or 6 elements in MeshExport. But that's just two examples, any in-depth information about how it reads the files would be very much appreciated.

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I now have dev tools on all maps and long battery winch an' all but no dev tools on the proving ground ??

Altering the setting turns dev tools on and off for other maps but no dev tools on proving at all. Any idea why?

Hey all, I just installed this mod because it was really bugging me that the game was running 60 fps on my 144hz monitor. The game stutters like crazy on 60fps locked so I had to disable it. This mod worked perfectly in disabling it, only I've noticed that playing 144 fps makes the camera moving and gearbox shifting sensitivity extremely low. Those are the only 2 things impacted and the sensitivity of moving the in-game cursor around is not affected. So it would be extremely annoying to play at a higher DPI because that would make it unusable. Has anyone encountered this issue or knows a fix? Thank you in advance. 🙂

@erikvanstenis there are settings for camera sensitivity

@invalidredneck yeah, that did work but now switching gears is still really low sensitivity.

Does anyone know how I can open the game with him on the epic games platform? it does not work dis missing steamapi.dll and even when I put the dll it does not open

I've downloaded the mod while having Epic Store version of the game, however the game won't give dev tools whatsoever while giving error message about steam_api.dll missing. Have you thought about making the loader compatible with mentioned version?

How can I do this with epic games.

For me I did not accept the "crossplay" with epic game and my Mud + still works !!! Why go and play MudRunner on epic game, I'm staying on Steam !!! We can thank Saber and Focus for this stupid update !!!

So what's the deal with this thread now? There's been a bunch of updates that haven't been posted here. I thought the whole point of this thread was for people who are too scared to visit stmods/too dumb to not click on ads?

Are we still banned from posting links?! Are we even aloud to talk about it?!

SpinTiresMod Version 1.10.17 (Dec 3, 2020) Google Drive

Changelog (source: stmods.ru)

SnowRunner mod:

Supported versions: SnowRunner 7.0 and higher, may work on future versions, tested on version 10.1.
Increased the size of the physical world for playing on maps larger than 2x2km.
Added support for additional types of constraints for the physical model of vehicles (for the implementation of tracked vehicles).
Ability to change the playing time.
SnowRunner Editor Mod:

Supported versions: SnowRunner Editor 7.0 and higher.
Increased the maximum size of the map when creating a new map (more than 2x2km).
Mod game MudRunner, Spintires:

Supported versions:
MudRunner 08/19/14,
SpinTires 03/16/03.
Increased the size of the physical world for playing on maps larger than 1x1km.
Mod manager, the ability to disable / enable signed workshop mods.
Mod support system changed. Ability to connect additional language files. Localization of workshop mods.
Added support for additional types of constraints for the physical model of vehicles (for the implementation of tracked vehicles).
Synchronization of light machines in multiplayer.
In multiplayer add. features (developer tools, winch, etc.) are enabled only if they are enabled for all players.
Mod editor MudRunner Editor, Spintires Editor:

Supported versions:
Mudrunner Editor 19.04.02 (only 64 bits),
Spintires Editor 16.01.31.
Increased the maximum map size when creating a new map (more than 1x1km).
Added the ability to change the maximum map height - from 64m to 4096m.
Improved calculation of heights, you can make steeper slopes.
Some interface changes, no error message is displayed (writes only in the log), and more.

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The SR version of MeshConvert is throwing up errors unfortunately. I'm getting the odd 'Assertion Failure', where the mesh loads but the Save tab is greyed out, and a 'Duplicate attribute' error, where the mesh doesn't even load. Both came from trying to convert ST to MR.

Possible workaround? Uninstall 1.10.x, then reinstall an older version (1.9.x), copy the MeshConvert exe to desktop, then reinstall 1.10.x, and rename the old MeshConvert to MeshConvertOld or something and drop it into the directory. Anyone know if that would work?

FYI a new version is being worked on to support the Epic version apparently

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It did indeed work, both MeshConverts can run at the same time and the errors don't appear in the old version 😘

Also, considering it's SR compatible, should there maybe be a thread/link to this in the SR forum too?

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So, I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but it seems like I can't get any workshop mods to load up after launching the game from the launcher instead of through Steam. It had worked fine before, but I've just recently gotten back into it. I have disabled crossplay, as noted from a previous post, but I also noticed that the versions launched from the launcher is different from the one launched on Steam.

Anyone have this issue or it's just me?

Would it be possible to increase the zoom range when driving in 3rd person view?

I hope they can make a version for epic games too

It doesn't work on Epic version because of lack steam_api.dll
Where is version for Epic users?

@albor_13 there is none as far as I know

Latest SpintiresMod Version 1.10.19 Download (Mar 12, 2021)


  • Mod manager, the ability to disable / enable signed workshop mods
  • New support system for mods. Ability to connect additional language files. Mod localization system in the workshop
  • Support for tracked vehicles
  • Increased size of the physical world - allows you to play on maps larger than 1x1km
  • Made scrolling when selecting a map
  • You can disable file scanning
  • Synchronization of light machines in multiplayer

Source: stmods.ru

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