SpinTiresMod How To Install and Discussion

well i figure he is working on an update, but i still do not get why he is not on the forums. (actually i can guess why, but won't) seems that if someone was going to making what is known to be a, if not the most popular mod for the game that a person would also want to be on the more popular sites for the game and mods. making and keeping contact with the community seems like it would be an important move. maybe it is just me though. 🤔

Exellent... We are back in business.... I really think that it's not the Modders personal account name.... I think it's a ghost account just for the Mod.... But that's OK....

@pix3lmonkey Have you tested the new version in-game & editor? How is it doing?

@bigboyzback If thats true then the same name was used two or three years ago on some published maps .

Has anyone been able to get the editor to allow them to edit or create large maps with this release yet? i'm still unable to work on larger than normal maps. I dont get the height adjuster we had a couple weeks ago

@Berylz - right now the game is good. but i cant get the editor to work on larger than 64x64x64 maps

@pix3lmonkey I can't get it to work in editor with anything at all... held my breath for this long just to have same results

@Berylz - Alex just posted beta 5 but it still hasn't fixed the editor issues. I was so hopeful when i saw it up there. I think we are waiting for an updated directx9 dll. The current one is still dated 1/19. I think we are going to need something after 1/23.


Just another waiting game... yay

Well at least the Mod is working now... And I do believe that the Alex name is just a alias for the Modder....

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@pix3lmonkey Yeah my editor doesn't work yet either, But dang if that freecam isn't the coolest thing yet. Get some sweet snapshots your maps.

Not seeing any freecam options?


Activate/deactivate Camera - ALT-C, F9

The new camera is sweet!

Changes in version 1.8.3:

  • Update the current supported version of the game to 11/19/18.
  • Added free camera.
    Activate / deactivate Camera - ALT-C, F9
    Move Forward - NUM8
    Move Backward - NUM2
    Move Left - NUM4
    Move Right - NUM6
    Move Up - NUM9
    Move Down - NUM3
    Move Fast - NUM0
    Move Slow - NUM1

@PiX3LMonkey i lost the editor as well. which is IMO just as, useful then the in game features. if not more for myself

@rufus - I'm dead without the modded editor. Making maps is my favorite part of this game. I think i'm just going to go back and revisit some of my old vanilla maps and spice them up. I'm thinking of doing a "Original Badlands Revisited" map where I add in new features and rocks and spice it up a bit. Kinda like a Badlands v1.5. That may hold me over until I can start working on my larger maps again.

I might be crazy, but has anyone else had any issues with mod truck stability on maps that use the expanded height limitations of STMod? My JKU can easily handle a 45-degree downhill slope with no problems on a given map that uses the default height/steepness, but when I play maps using the extended slope limits that same incline appears to cause the Jeep to flop onto it's nose like a downed AT-AT. I know there was something in the code previously that screwed with the wheelspeed calculations (and subsequently wreaked havoc with Drac's weather mod) and am curious as to whether something along similar lines might affect the way trucks handle?

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Here is an example of the new static cam. Yeah it's also a shameless plug to get some views 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSMCEtVpyaQ