SpinTiresMod How To Install and Discussion

@forces: thanks forces, BTW Really liking the new trailer!

@rufus hey thanks, but lets keep the Focus lol on the spin mod haha

mmm @rufus i install reshade seperetly (even with spin mod uninstalled) and i cannot get reshade to work. what a bummer!

don't want to jump the gun, but i lost the STMod settings tab, and the menu is not in game either??

I ran into that too. You have to turn off the reshade.

someone mind giving me a heads up when this mod gets uploaded else where? 🤔

Red neck (aka a slice of pizza) always updates the first post download link

@riskywisky ah, thank ya thank ya. i always forget about that link. 🙄

If y'all want me to I will post the link here as well

@invalidredneck i got it, i just always forget about it. lol thank you though Redneck. 😉

I find that the SpintiresMod link is usually available on vk.com before anywhere else. Just look at the "Links" column on the right. It usually takes you to a direct download page without all the other bs.



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Thanks @PiX3LMonkey


Improved ReShade connection through the main menu of the mod in the game (it used to be more difficult with the installation).
Minor fixes.


@invalidredneck New Version? also it popped a virus alert when installing, aparently it was a .ini of reshade (its now built in spinmod) still works but with not all the reshade ffeatures

Ok, checked the reshade on, restarted the game, clicked the home button, reshade menu appeared. Now the question is, how the heck does this work? I see no adjustment sliders or anything else. Color never changed in game either, still the dull blah.

Hope this gets updated soon. Seems they've pushed out an update to the editor to reflect the recent name change to the game and the mod is no longer working for the editor because of this.

I just noticed that myself.. disappointing..

@ssvqwnp I'm not disappointed as it's all par for the course when using mods. Just itching to get back to map making. 😜