SpinTiresMod How To Install and Discussion

I'm enjoying this tool a whole lot, and particularly the MeshConvert part of it. It does an awesome job at analyzing a mesh file (and showing the data for Frames). Is it documented anywhere how this tool reads the mesh file? So what the specs are of the different fields, fields lengths etc? I've been able to track down a lot of it by using an Hex editor, but it would save me a whole lot of time if that information was available anywhere. I hope someone can help me out with this. I'm using this information to make the model conversion process a lot smoother.

One of the things in particular I'm looking for is where the origin is defined for different parts, and also where the element count comes from. If I extract the mesh, it's just one mesh per part, even if it lists as for example 4 or 6 elements in MeshExport. But that's just two examples, any in-depth information about how it reads the files would be very much appreciated.

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I now have dev tools on all maps and long battery winch an' all but no dev tools on the proving ground ??

Altering the setting turns dev tools on and off for other maps but no dev tools on proving at all. Any idea why?