Competitive DC and Rage quitters

It is really frustrating to take competitve seriously when anyone can just dc and ruin the game for everyone. If one player on your team quits its nearly impossible to overcome. Furthermore, there is no cooldown or penalty for this. I think there needs to be minimum comp cooldown of 30 min for dc and a bot that can be controlled by dead teamates as in cs.
Also comp seems really unbalanced. When you make ranks based upon wins and captures you completely ignore value of individual ability and makes it really tough for solo queing. I think KD and clutched should be weighed much more heavily for ranking.

I agree with what you've stated, and wish the same would apply to co-op. I haven't tried competitive, but from watching it, it's not something I'd find enjoyable. I wonder if people quit from the stress caused by the fast pacing combined with the realistic mechanics and gear.