Can you report other Players?

I was playing a math and one player ran up to me just after the objective was finished and shot me multiple times until i was dead. He then claimed that i was in the way, wich i was not. I was standing in a corner, he had all the room to look out of the window next to me. I asked him why he did and he replied that i should stop getting in the way. It seemed like he just wanted to troll and I was wondering if you can report players in Sandstorm.

After one team kill the damage reflects back to the player who is doing the team killing. Unless they are targeting you over multiple games or seriously harassing you, I wouldn't bother reporting.

@kraeyq too bad, they should be reported - and they should have their nickname published
it is not about harassment is about the right way to do things. Let people know them and be aware. I will initiate such shame list - I got video proofs also, so I will post some links to Youtube, near their Steam accounts.

@kraeyq Ya so now when I call in mortars on the enemies side of “B” right after we cap “A” and make several call outs to my teammates that I have done so and to hold off from capping B for just a second I get dmg reflection because a bunch of idiots run in and die from the mortar strike then I die too as a result. Why should I be be punished for their stupidity and incompetence? Dmg reflection is by far the dumbest thing they have added to this game to date and kills all immersion/intensity like nothing else. But it’s clear to see they are catering to a very sensitive COD type of player base. Back in the old days OP would have just killed that guy next time he spawned like a man lol and or just shrugged it off and moved on. Or he would have started a vote kick and people might help out or possibly had the ability to utilize a forgive/not forgive system to punish the person for the teamkill and so on. Not now no now we have to cry about it because someone killed you (big bully) and name shame etc... Hey I’m all for finding a solution and want people to enjoy their experience but I too want to enjoy my experience and all dmg reflection makes me want to do is stop playing all together because it’s super soft in a “hardcore” game... There has to be a better way then adding in such a soft and un-Insurgency like feature...

@planetcanada I agree. I don't think reflexive damage fixes the problem or makes sense when looked from the perspective of the original design philosophy that made Insurgency what it is today.

Hey Devs,

Just came across a player in PVE who was basically rendered "invisible" to the bots. The guy was practically invisible and could have been hacking. All the bots never shot him, never saw him and basically ignored him for all the other players.

At times, he literally stood atop of other bots and they wouldn't even register he was there. And yeah, he could still kill them with ease.

Is there any way to report this?


@ninjafang I came across the same behaviour once, too bad I didn't record anything 2-3 months ago, now everything goes to hdd.. if I bump into it the second time, I link the footage here.