Proposed change to CCL

Still have playoffs every 6 weeks but the ladder only restarts after 18/24 weeks. (teams cannot qualify for more than 1 playoff. I guess they would not be able to rejoin the ladder?)

I'm not sure why this is not possible (someone will tell me I'm sure) but here's some reasons it might be good:

  • People with less time will be able to play enough games to qualify for 2nd/3rd/4th playoff in the cycle or at least have time to build and enjoy playing with a higher TV team.
  • Less end of season/ start of season grind and graveyard (main reason not to play CCL is your team will die in a week) as teams for the 2nd playoff cycle will start to filter in towards the end of the first 6 weeks etc.
  • More closer TV match-ups with less start of season mismatches and less down time end of season.

We have done it 1 ladder 1 season for 20 seasons and I think this has the potential to fix many of the ladder's issues.

This should be given a try.
It may not be perfect, but surely better than what we have now.

Where is your bell charts to support your assertion that this will be better? I like it but that might just be perception bias.

To support something like this you need to continue with the 6 week resets but allow experienced teams to enter in the new season. I'm not sure if you can exclude experience teams from other leagues like COL.

I know there's sentiment from certain people that it would favor bash teams more i.e. like the COL.

I've proposed something like this with the other admins but the majority felt this would benefit bash teams even more than it already is in the CCL.

There's cons but the main benefit is that there's a variety of mixed TV teams right from the start so it prevents early season sprinters and it also allows people to continue playing late in the season since their teams will not be throw away. Also losing isn't nearly as dramatic if it's a team you want to keep for the long haul.

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  • Why is it the case that the league would need to be restarted every 6 weeks? I see no problem with having a team play games in weeks 1, 5, 15 and qualifying for the week 18 playoff. In fact I think that's the benefit of something like this which restarting every 6 weeks wouldn't allow
  • The current ladder meta favours bash. Delfs particularly perform atrociously. But why would this be worse for them? Would they have worse match ups? If this is the assumption I am not convinced it's even true. Playing mid TV agility teams is basically a gamble as to whether you might spin into high TV bash (which, in my experience, happens regularly). If there was a higher population of high TV teams you could argue you'd be less likely to spin into them as there would be a higher likelihood of more than 1 being online at a time. But that's all conjecture and agility teams got very good records on the old COL ladder.

I'm really in favour of allowing experienced teams to play in multiple CCL seasons.

When the admins had this discussion and thought it would favour bash teams - did they consider the affects of ageing? This will hurt bash much more than agility (who rarely have a player survive that long anyway) and stop the same teams dominating for too long.

I like the CCL as it is. New season new teams.

The big issue with experienced teams is that COL teams could enter. There's no way to exclude one or the other in the CCL league.

My personal opinion I'd be on board experienced teams in the CCL if we could exclude farmed teams from the COL. Currently this can't be done.

@geryon said in Proposed change to CCL:

The big issue with experienced teams is that COL teams could enter. There's no way to exclude one or the other in the CCL league.

seanyy proposed a solution for this technical problem. Don't reset the ladder. Of course, you'd have the same problems at the end of the 2-season run that you normally have at the end of each season (waning numbers etc.), but at least you'd only have it half the time.

Any solution that allows people with less time to still be able to compete would help because it obviously should bring in more players that otherwise don't even bother showing up.