I very much enjoy this new and improved Insurgency, but man some features kill me a little bit inside.

My main issue being with the battle chatter:
Like who the hell thought that having a competitive round depend on whether or not someone yells in my ear that they are "CAPTURING BRAVO" just to not hear someone stepping near me, potentially costing us the round?

So, I would like a quick fix, if possible, in the form of a separate audio slider for such battle chatters/reports. Surely it is a reasonable request in a supposedly competitive functionality.

Other problems consist of things probably already mentioned by others: Strange recoil patterns on the high/low end of calibers, Holo brightness and reticle size (like who the hell let this in the game like this?), wonky doorkill hitbox as well as the desync regarding where the enemy is facing or firing (even in a <30 ping situation).

Otherwise great job guys, keep it up.