Random crashes during a game

Hey there,

Ever since downloading and purchasing this game 2-3 days ago, I haven't been able to play a mission/game for more than 10 minutes. This is seriously frustrating as I loved the old game and want to explore this game!

I have already read 'most' of the guides similar to the issue I am presented with, however, none seems to have fixed my problem so inevitable I have resulted in asking here - where I suppose I should have started maybe.

I have already updated ALL of my drivers including graphics drivers. I have attempted to play on 'low' quality to see if that's the issue but it's not. I get 100 FPS constant on very high because of my computers specifications. I have checked out .net framework as apparently, this has been the cause of some people issues - not mine. Nothing I seem to do can fix this ever persistent problem. It crashes me while in-game after 5-10 mins to the UE4 Crash page which I now always get annoyed with whenever I see it. Can you help?

Can anyone help? I really want to actual play the game I bought not just get angry with it 😃

I am not sure what the cause is but if you provide your systems specs and the crash logs it will help the devs determine the cause.

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