Please devs,i know this engine(Unreal) is new for you and is not an easy engine to work.(i played a lot of games and some of them are still trying to fix some issues) but i think this game feels very diferent from your first Insurgency. With 2/3 bullets you kill and in Sandstorm it takes too much shots to kill...the thing i played 800 hours in your first title was that:shot/kill and in this new,well there are lots of games like it...

The ttk can’t be changed since then guns like the fall g3 and scar will 1 shot anywhere on the body but if you leave it they take 2 to 3 shots to kill. Best solution is make every assault rifle 1 shot to head and 1-2 shots for body. The pistols need a faster ttk. Smgs are fine but since we only have an mp7 and no ump or mp5, there isn’t a big issue around that. The performance is gonna take around the Same time pubg took to at least get their game stable at high settings. The devs said that most assets on maps do not have culling enabled and shadows still render when they are 2-3 buildings ahead. The shadows are all in real time as well as the lighting. Reflections are probably the biggest problem since there is a lot of tracer rounds, explosions and other stuff, the game has to reflect all of that off of water, cars, windows, and floors. Since the reflections don’t use cube mapping anymore and use a modern environment mapping (or whatever it’s called) it takes more power. Most of the models are just a little bit higher poly. The shaders and post processing effects do cause fps drops but not too much since all I can get at is that they add god rays, metallic reflections, better pbr effects, volumetric lighting, tesselation, and ambient ocoulision. Idk if anything I said was true apart from the culling part

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