Tied Games or Inappropriate Victories

Push games only run 2 Round. If both teams win, It isn't a draw, one team still is victorious? Doesn't make sense. Best 2 out of 3. Add a third round if both teams are 1-1.
Firefight competitive. (maybe regular firefight is the same) If teams are 4-4, there should be an overtime to declare a winner. Add an OT function. It doesn't even show it as a draw, somehow one team is victorious at 4-4. Doesn't make any sense.

they did this so that games won't last so long
in the 2014 game, games were to 3 but they took a long time (mostly on push). probably due to the maps but it took an hour to finish 1 game on push tell. The devs didn't want people to play the regular game modes longer than the competitve gamemode firefight so they toned it down a little too much. best solution is to add a map voting system at the end of the game so that after 2 rounds, people can just vote for a map and move onto the next game.