[TO THE DEVS] Some ideas for new content! *MUST HAVE*

So, this is what i wanna see in this game, that could potentially make this the game of the year! This game has so much potential, and i promise that all of the ideas down below will make this game maybe the FPS game of the century, who knows?

The first thing I wanna see is a standalone practice map. You could use the admin button in local play to spawn in to a practice scenario in farmhouse, but that's not enough! A real big practice range would be great!

We need a Battle Royale gamemode! Who doesn't want battle royale games in 2018, or 2019? That would be f ucin awesome! With all of the realism, and all of the different weapons it would be just awesome, and fun. You could just use some of the maps already installed, cause they are kinda big. Cmon guys, MAKE IT!

A WW2 mode would be cool too! I know BF5 is WW2, but if it was in insurgency sandstorm it would be 10 times better, or maybe 100 times better, who cares it would be f ucin awesome. Maybe you can add some special WW2 weapons into the gamemode too. Not many WW1 weapons like BF5 has, but just WW2. Just think of the feeling when you are walking down with your Lewis gun and your Smith and Wesson revolver and shooting WW2 soldiers in Normandy with ultra realistic weapon handling, shooting and the overall realism. Theres nothing more cool than that.

Add more vehicles. Yes you guys have to add more, or else i'm gonna sue you (kidding). Maybe add some tanks, more armored cars and helicopters you can fly! You can even make an all out war mode, with many vehicles and stuff like that! It would be awesome to see that!

So do you have some gamebreaking ideas yourself? Comment down below, and I will add to the discussion!

I second the standalone practice map.

But, with all due respect, I think that NWI would be better of focussing on the things that make Insurgency special instead of buying into the Battle Royale hype. They should prioritize bringing back older game-modes and the ones they originally planned for release.

@olyyourfriend said in [[TO THE DEVS]

Who doesn't want battle royale games in 2018, or 2019?

That one would be me.

If you wanna go for a WW2 game maybe take a look at Day of Infamy (developed by NWI).

Upon vehicles: I don't think tanks or APC's would suit Insurgency's CQC heavy gameplay like at all. Also piloting helicopters would be implementing a whole new mechanic with all its required development time and effort which I would rather like to see spend on other things.

My main urge would be developing the single-player campaign to be released maybe in the end of 2019 or even 2020 and besides focus on game-modes, polish/optimization and bringing more minor content like additional weapons. And I really really really want my Glock back :'C.

@olyyourfriend said in [TO THE DEVS] Some ideas for new content! *MUST HAVE*:

Who doesn't want battle royale games in 2018, or 2019?


Why did you even buy this game in the first place if you want all that stuff? You realize there are other games on the market with the stuff you are asking for, right? Like I wouldn’t just buy a racing game and ask the devs for basketball mode.

@olyyourfriend battle royals have killed a lot of games so i think something like that would have to be a last resort more vehicles would be nice but then the map sizes would need to be resized bigger because its gonna be a couple of seconds for a helicopter to reach each side of the map i think some ww2 stuff seems cool but right now they need to add new weapons in general so maybe after a while and the choice of weapons have widened then they could maybe do ww2 stuff.

Cant see any MUST HAVE in here but yes please not BattleRoyal guys.
More weapons would be nice too


don't actually add in a flamethrower