Goblin 'Ooligan...

Right lads, here's the chat. A couple of months ago, the Goblin 'Ooligan got added, but he's not available for Goblins from what I've currently seen of the Beta matches. Will this edgelord make his way into the game? Would be a shame if he didn't, goblins having a player with Disturbing Presence would give the team a little more flavour (as if it needed more anyway, but still.)

These questions questions have been raised before the move of the forum. If I remember correctly , they have no plan to implement BB2016 changes at the moment. They are focusing on sticking to the latest CRP with their own twist. It does not means they wont offer the option or roll an update including new star players and change in rules at some point , but in any case you would certainly see these massive change coming , i would expect them to consult or start chatting with the community . Unlike tabletop , perpetual league need a few tweaks of its own , "in my opinon", to make it more diverse at high level. Otherwise past 1800tv you enter chaos territory ( chaos, nurgle , chaos dwarves ....anything that has mutation in other words )

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The add of this little fella would be very cool indeed!

Here s the link of the goblin Ooligan with his stats:


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Hi, thanks for your suggestion. It could be an option for potential future content update, but, as said above, we're sticking to LRB6 as much as possible for now. Have a nice day!

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