Still having optimization issues after patch

I'm getting more frame drops and stutters in this recent patch than before. What gives?

My specs:

i5 6600k 4.5 ghz,
EVGA GTX 1070 Ti
8 GB DDR4-3000

I can run project cars 2 on ultra, Assetto Corsa Competizione on ultra, and World War 3 with little issues.

I've included 2 early access UE4 titles and they don't run perfect, but at least it's playable.

Sandstorm is the only game I have a huge issue running here.

8gn is not enough for this game

@chraso how can it not be enough when I'm running a game that looks visually similar to ACC and WW3?

and I'm even including project cars 2, the most intensive application on my system

I too am having the character model stutter even though my FPS is high. Makes no sense, just chalking it up to future updates from the game DEV to fix it.

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