When attempting to join a server, either through an invite or the server browser, my friend or I are unable to join. We would either receive a loading/server error and taken back to the main menu, OR, the most infuriating problem, NOTHING HAPPENS. The game simply refuses to do anything. Myself/Friend would sit in the main menu accepting an invite and that's it, there is no indication of me accepting the invite, there is no loading screen, there is no server error message, there is NOTHING. Join through party screen, NOTHING; join through server browser, NOTHING. I did notice something though, when accepting an invite, it tells you who is inside the game session; apparently I made it in, JEEEEZ, I wonder how I'm in there if I'm on the DAMN TITLE SCREEN!
Look, I'm clearly distraught of this issue. I'm very upset that my friends and I had purchased this game to have a blast with but due to it's incompetent servers we are unable to even be on the party screen. Whatever little I had played in single player was very enjoyable, but, I'd like to use the COOP function to enhance my experience.
Is anyone else having this same problem?
I'm very disappointed with this product and hope to hear there will be a fix to these terrible server issues soon.