Game gets really dark

There are some spots where the game gets really dark for no reason. It's annoying, you end up not being able to see the enemy. I'll post here two spots where this happens (I'm playing in the lowest settings, not sure if this is relevant, though)

This one in Precinct:

This one in Crossing: (The Firefight version with the bus gets darker, but I was playing offline for the example)

In both cases I'm in a corner.

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I just put my gamma settings on max, because I thought it was way to dark to see anything, but the strange thing is, that gamma is always reset to default when I launch the game.

Got the same problems sometimes. I would like to know the answer too.

Another spot where the vision becomes dark. (I'm also in a corner)

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Playing on mixed high/medium settings I've had this in a few spots too.
So it doesn't seem to be related to that.

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Pressing Escape and bringing up the menu will fix it.

alt text

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@kraeyq said in Game gets really dark:

Pressing Escape and bringing up the menu will fix it.

alt text

This sometimes works. Ive found that looking at the floor first then doing this is a reliable way to fix it.

Pressing Escape is a temporary fix unfortunately..After pressing Escape it slowly get's dark again

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