Microphone not quite working


Even when I use push-to-talk, my voice doesn't seem to activate as if the sensitivity was too low. If I yell, it picks the signal.

Someone theorized that the game uses a non-configurable voice activation level even when using push-to-talk. Some people were able to fix this by increasing the mic level in the Windows audio settings.

I however can't do this as I use an USB microphone with its own specific driver. Windows mic settings don't work with it and I can't boost the signal.

Yes,I find that the players voices are low even though voice receive is on 100%. Unlike 'Insurgency' where the voice volume is loud and clear.

Continues to be a problem. Makes it almost impossible to communicate in-game.

I think the USB microphone is the problem. Some people have fixed this by boosting in Windows mic settings. I can't do with what my USB mic. Need a sensitivity tuning option to Sandstorm's settings.

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Hey everyone,
I am forwarding the problem to the team. I'll see what can be done about it.

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In-game VoIP is based on Steam Voice meaning that the adjustment is in Steam Voice settings accessible via new friendlist > Settings > Steam Voice

@arc Thanks for the suggestion. Putting input gain to max and disabling "Automatic volume gain/control" in Steam settings seems to have helped somewhat. However I still have to keep my headset mic very close to my mouth and talk quite loudly for it to pick the signal up.

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