I have a issue with starting the game. I had Insurgency Sandstorm installed but somehow it self uninstalled (I'm 100% positive that I did not uninstalled it manually!).
I downloaded again nearly whole game (had 538 MB already in sandstorm directory) and when I got into the game it insta crashed after seeing "Logging in" text.

I verifed game files (with no errors) and I deleted config files (AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient). Nothing changed - it always crashes when I get into the menu (When I see "Logging in").
I also tried to delete whole game and re-downloaded it again but i have still have the same issue.

Strange thing is - game worked fine before the update which was released on the Friday (21.12)

Log from "Log directory" :

Log from "Crashes directory"

Any suggestions?

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