Nobody missing something?

Hello guys!

Maybe its just me but i really miss the killcam!

I wanna see from what i died and how.

sometimes i'm not sure if its a fair shot or not.

Someone same thoughts ?

If someone has found a good spot the cam gives it away. I don't really like it for that reason.

Thats a good point but how do i know if its fair or not, cheated or not?

There has to be a way

We will have to hope they stay on top of cheats. I guess.

you can watch the replay of the match if you think someone is dodgy.

@f0rsak9n to add to that: i don't think there should be a killcam because then you know exactly where he shot you from. And that's part of the game. For example, a sniper shot you and you don't know from where, he probably positioned himself so well you can't almost see him. It's not fair to him that you will be able to see him on a killcam because then you can tell your friends where he shot you from...