[Feedback] Lack of zoom

I've enjoyed BFG 1 & was delighted to see that I could preorder BFG 2 at a discount, and I hope to enoy BFG 2 as well, once the betas are over.

Judging from gameplay videos, it seems the second title suffers from lack of zoom as does the first.
You simply cannot zoom out very far. This is annoying, as it will require jumping between several points on the map, should you find yourself with a split fleet for any purpose.

Learn from Homeworld, or any TW game. It is nice to have a near top-down view of the battlefield on occasion.

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I can agree with you that a little more zooming back would be nice.

However this time the minimap is much easier to read so that is my fall back over the top view solution.

Open game settings. There are options to move camera zoom more far than default.

In game settings you can change camera zoom


Game is officially out now.
I find a slider for zoom speed, but none for zoom distance.
Why would there be one? The default zoom mechanism works as a slider itself.
Sadly, max zoom level only covers 15 grids of width, even on my 3440 ultrawide monitor.