Kislev need some changes

Hello, first coach to qualify for champs ladder with Kislev here. Now that I've proven myself as a coach who understands Kislev, allow me to suggest some changes.

Make the Blitzers GS access and 80k or 90k
Add a Thrower positional with either GP access or GAP access. (if he started with Hail Mary Pass it would be hilarious)

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Kislev are a reskinned Slann team. Slann have been in BB for years and are designed, and perform, as a T1.5 team. I get that you might want them to be better, and well done for qualifying, but their design and performance is as intended.

Well that was a quick shutdown. Oh well, worth a shot.

The only thing I don't really likely about Kislev is that they get the Slann star players who don't fit the fluff. I doubt reskinning them all would be worth the effort though.

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@ficction said in Kislev need some changes:

Well that was a quick shutdown. Oh well, worth a shot.

Not a shutdown, simply telling you the intent. Cyanide might make changes, but I very much doubt it.

Though lowering the Blitzer cost is something Galak has said he'd have liked to have seen tested if the BBRC still existed.

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