After DLC request here⤵️

So anyone requesting any features post then hmmm here ...
My Request are
[console request]>4x4 vehicle pack maybe?(doesn’t have to be name-brand)
Double winch
Weather that can change through out the day/night
I think that would be cool
Deeper mud
Light/vehicle sound sync in multiplayer
That’s it for me let me know below what you’d like to see?

It Would be great to see some of the mods that top modders have made.
4x4 - Old bronco, chevy blazer. C-10 or c-12 (forget which one) Chevy prerunner. ford raptor. Rubicon jeeps. Tacoma or tundra with suspension kit. Land cruiser or 4 runner. Epic to see a military hummer. Rock crawlers.

I would like to see dlc maps of desert, snow, tight trials and a testing map. Sand and snow would be cool in the game. They have so much potential with this to reach the Offroad community here in America.

I would like to have more different 4x4. However the problem is that they arent very useful, just for scouting, and even then, a big empty truck is much faster than a small 4x4.

I'm finding devs very quiet, we need more information on dlc and future expansion😞

in game...

fuel added to the "spare wheel" repair attachment for the C type vehicles.

working brakes while using force accel (cruise control) for all vehicles when using key board control. (except the A types, they are working fine).

turning off (or atleast togglable) key function overlay (the bit at the bottom of the screen showing key/button use with text, like when the advanced menu is open, use the crane controls or you left click to move the camera).

binding a key to allow camera to switch to the opposite side of the truck while using a trailer. right now with no trailer you can hit key2 and it switches to opposite side of the truck, but with a trailer key2 becomes the trailer cam. maybe setting it up to use the Shift key while using the number keys to switch to opposite side of the vehicles? much how ST+ did this feature.

on a side note and a bit off topic, but in forum....
reputation system turned on and working.

separate sections for platforms (PC/Console)

thread poll option, multiple polls would be even more nice.

allow uploading of attachments to the forum.

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Career (story) mode with 15+ increasing missions.
Unlockable addons and upgrades based on progress
Continous upgrades with parts. You can start off with the basic wimpy B130 and upgrading it over the course of missions to have AWD, kraz type wheels, ural engine, snorkel, etc
Different types of garages (some that can do basic repairs and others to overhaul trucks
Also using spare tire to repair damage to be removed..really, if you hit the truck into a tree and ruin the cabin, you can't fix it with spare tire. Heavy damage to the cabin (lets say) will result in imposibility to cross big rivers and even fast engine damage, (because air intake damage, etc..besides the engine higher consumption.
Finding and scavenging parts from various wreckages scrounging fuel from dead trucks or even wheels, parts to repair/upgrade
All sorts of goodies crates random dropped in forests for you to find and add to your truck.
Unlocking garages needs to deploy workers there (utility attachement )and the garage points attachement
Ability to hire an additional help to drive a secondary truck with you in a caravan
Multiple other tasks and parts components to be delivered, goods, people carrying across rivers, rescue opeerations, target times, value for each objective, which unlocks certain parts on various tech trees
Tech trees (see the upgrades/repair earlier)
Sleeping in hardcore mode to pass the night , takes fuel but needs to be done in an encampment with housing around or in the utility attachement consuming fuel...if you drive non stop day and night, you will be forced to sleep whenever, losing truck directions, crashing losing cargo, etc...
THIS is the game Spintires should be. The wandering around without logic is ok, for a sandbox minimal experience, like a sideshow for some people, but this is not the main aspect

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