Loading Screen Freeze + small performace tip

Hi everybody

I join a match all fine and dandy 🙂 but when the round is over the next map loads and when it reaches 100% I can hear the voices on the backgground "lets go" , "lets get them" but on my screen I still see the map loading.
I have to Alt+F4 everytime and then rejoin a match 😞

A small performance tip (this worked for me) that solves stuttering:
Control Panel - nvidia control panel - Manage 3D Settings - Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames (set this to 2) (you can edit other settings to performance instead of quality if you want)

Setup : i7-6700K @ 4.0Ghz / 16Bg Ram @ 2133Mhz / GTX1080 / SSD/ Win 10 x64 / all latest drivers /

Read some forums 🙂 some other peoples suggestions and I found out that I have to play on NWIs official servers with the options in game "find match"
the problem is that the problem occurs when playing on custom servers.

Hope this helps you too.


it does not occur on matchmaking servers?

Thankyou! I was having the same issue and just thought it was an optimization issue, or something about my video settings that I couldn't work out.