So I'm a veteran insurgency standalone player: Like most of us I preordered this game and played the open betas and was invited to the closed betas as well.

Apart from the wish that this game gets more optimized, I have some other suggestions that would increase the overall gaming experience.

-- Canted Sight.

-- Steam avatar pictures in the endgame lobby, showcasing the MVPs etc.

-- Ambush game mode.

-- Remaster the old insurgency maps and bring them to Sandstorm like Sinjar, Buhriz etc!

-- Gun Skins! Maybe even let us design our own gun skins for a decent price tag? Would be a first timer and surely attract some needed attention. Monetize if needed.

-- Let us record our own voice over and hear it in the game! Give us scripts that we have to read (or shout) in our microphone and implement it into our characters... it would be a whole new level of unique gaming experience and surely attract some attention as well. Monetize if needed.