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Cover Art

What we got so far at least!
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Official Description of Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood

Src: Focus Home Interactive Catalogue for E3 2018, June 12-14

'Embrace your inner rage in *Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood*, a savage Action-RPG based on White Wolf’s cult pen & paper role-playing game set in the iconic World of Darkness (Vampire: The Masquerade). In this sinister vision of our own world, legendary monsters like werewolves and vampires are hidden among us. Fight as a primal warrior standing against ecological destruction and spiritual corruption, unleashed by human greed and the world-ending supernatural machinations of the Wyrm. 

You are Cahal, an exiled Garou, as you set out to discover the secrets to your son’s disappearance and the fall of your werewolf tribe. Explore a rich, vibrant world in which you are free to carve your own path. Large environments allow for multiple approaches, be it through the use of social skills, stealth or brute force. 

As a Garou, you can seamlessly change between three werewolf forms, each with their own unique skills and abilities. The first form, Homid, is your human form, allowing you to blend in urban environments, engage in dialogue, interact with technology of all sort, and silently take down enemies in melee or at range with your crossbow. The second form, Lupus, is your wolf form. It is the ideal form for exploring and sneaking through natural environments, tracking down scents and tracks, navigating narrow spaces, or traveling at speed. 

Finally, unleash your rage in your combat form, Crinos - the true form of the Garou. Rage management is key in your Crinos form, where you’ll tear through enemies in brutal, visceral and exhilarating combat. Leap across the battlefield and shred your opponents into pieces while holding back your Frenzy until the key moment to allow your Rage to overwhelm you and your power will grow exponentially but doing so will lose your ability to discern enemy from ally, and you’ll be forced to fight both to the death... fail to do so, and you will lose your mind to the Wyrm for all eternity. 

Using your three forms’ abilities and your savage Garou powers, track and find your son, and protect the sanctity of Mother Earth from the resource-hungry Humans.

Genre: Action/RPG
Developed by: Cyanide Studio
Published by: Focus Home Interactive
Collaboration with White Wolf
Release date: TBA
Platforms: XBox One, PS4, PC'

Game Overview

  • A systemic action RPG in third person, that combines action and infiltration from games similar to Deus Ex, but with a touch of Bloodborne and God of War when it comes to battle.
  • Developed by the French studio Cyanide Studios, creators of the Styx series of games. They are also collaborating with the Irish studio Black Shamrock, who have worked with Cyanide previously on their other titles.
  • The game will be published by the French publisher Focus Home Interactive - even if Cyanide is currently owned by Bigben Publishing - their contract with Focus still holds for Earthblood.
  • The Swedish White Wolf who is the owner of the intellectual property "Werewolf: The Apocalypse" helps to provide the story and setting.
  • The game is built in Unreal-engine.
  • Will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
  • Pre-production started in January 2017.
  • The planned release window is first half of 2019 says the CEO of White Wolf in an interview not fully related to Earthblood. Focus Home Interactive said release date is "To be announced" as of E3 2018. I suggest to take it with a grain of salt until it comes from Cyanide themselves.
  • Likely to have a presence at E3 2018. Nope.
  • Have had good progress with the title during 2017, but not going to be released until "when it's good". They want to really nail down great combat and satisfying shape changing.
  • Is not going to be a "Vampire: Bloodlines" type game. They are not aiming for the same amount of choices. It will be be narratively focused on one character, with one tribe, but will have interaction with other tribes. Their goal is to show the license to people who do not know of Werewolf the Apocalypse. And you will for a fact not be able to complete the game without fighting.
    Quote from developer
    click to show


[Src] Edited image to correct perspective and add some sharpening.

  • The thirteen tribes of the Garou are contemplating going into war with humanity due to their greed and destruction of the planet.
  • You do not choose your tribe at the start of the game.
  • You do not control a party of characters, you are solitary. You have allies outside of combat however.
  • Takes place in Nevada, Alaska and the redwood forests of Washington.
  • You do not align yourself to tribes as you play through the game, but you will encounter them and learn about their perspective of the conflict with humanity and the Wyrm.
  • Other tribes you encounter in the world may be hostile or friendly.
  • Levels are semi-open and linear, but offers multiple ways to solve it similar to Deus Ex.
  • Each region have a large hub with free-roaming environment and different activities to do. Aid spirits of nature, such as destroying a dam to earn the favor of a river spirit, or destroy outposts. One such favor to a spirit can for example open a shortcut between regions or grant more side-missions. The hub allows you to go into instances where missions take place, and upon your return the hub will have changed. Other tribes may hear about your deeds as you progress and show up in the hub area.
  • The player can see and make visits to the Umbra, allowing communication and bartering with spirits. The trips however will be kept short.
  • Will take place in natural environments but also typical industrial environments, such as a dam.
  • The title will have creatures from other settings within the 'World of Darkness' universe. Like 'Vampire: The Masquerade' and 'Mage: The Ascension'.
  • From a 2017 interview: The choices you make while on missions (brutal or stealthy) will not affect the story.


  • Martin Ericsson says "It has a very strong story, we have a fixed character, we have a fixed narration about family, estrangement, cynicism and idealism."
  • Martin Ericsson says: "And this (the Frenzy mechanic) is at the core: what's the prize? Collateral damage, when will you unleash that anger towards injustice and will you hurt innocent people doing it. And we don't want to do placque-hard politics, we like to ask questions using in-game systems so you can experience challenges of managing your anger towards injustice. What's the balance between doing something - ripping the evil politicians to shreds - and not hurting innocent people."
  • "Although much of this is an action-RPG, we’re designing it to be sort of like a puzzle with multiple solutions. There isn’t one perfect way to play. It will be up to the player to decide which situation calls for brutality or other less violent measures."

The Player Character

[Src] OP's opinion: The Crinos and Lupus form in this image here (albeit very low res) has some hints of ear-rings and tattoos which is also found on the cover art. It's conceivable that this is the early production iteration of the protagonist Cahal.

  • The protagonist is a male Garou named Cahal of the Fianna tribe, who was banished years ago for reasons unknown. He became a Ronin and lost connection with his tribe's totem; presumably the Stag. At the start of the game he returns to his old pack and the sacred Caern they are protecting, following the massacre of his family and the disappearance of his son.
  • The leading objective of the game is that Cahal wants to track and find his son.
  • Fianna are celtic influenced werewolves, who value family very highly. Most new pieces of concept art shows the human and werewolf form having celtic tattoos on its arm.
  • Cahal can take on three forms at will: Lupus (wolf), Homid (human) and Crinos (werewolf).
  • Glabro (near beast) and Hispo (dire wolf) forms are not going to be playable.
  • They want it to be seamless to move between forms, for example making a long leap as a Lupus and shift into Crinos mid-jump.
  • There are skill trees that lets you focus on a particular gameplay archetype (brute force, stealth etc) with its own set of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Martin Ericsson: "You [Cahal] are not a young man anymore, you have this mature view of the world. And some of them [other Garou] may have gone into complete extremism, what are you gonna think about that? And what are you going to think about your son? Because he has changed a lot in the time you were away."

Lupus (wolf)

  • The travel form. Good for exploration, travel, stealth, sniffing out trails, and scouting foes. Can also enter areas that are otherwise too small to go through. An example given was dashing through a vent and leap for the throat of a guard.
  • Lupus form have access to Umbral vision that lets him see Wyrm influence on e.g. human guards.
  • There have been a mention of being able to hunt animals in Lupus form.

Homid (human)

  • The interaction form. Capable of silent takedowns of enemies, activating traps, drones, hacking and gathering information (an example is reading e-mails), and of course talking with other humans. Humans are unable to distinguish werewolves so Cahal is able to easily move undercover in the Homid form.
  • Cahal can fool enemies into believing he's one of them using his social skills.
  • Wields a crossbow that can merge elemental spirits into it. Can be used to silently kill enemies, but also interact with the environment. For example exploding an explosive barrel with flaming arrows, or short circuit to open a door with an electrified arrow.
  • Regenerates health while in Homid form. However if the player has taken damage from silver-based weapons, it'll stack an effect that gradually lower their max health. Nothing has been said thus far on how this effect is cured.
  • Homid form have access to Umbral vision that lets him see Wyrm influence on e.g. human guards.

Crinos (werewolf)

  • The combat form. Savagely rip and tear your enemies as a werewolf. Build up Rage when you take damage, and reduce it by doing finishing moves. The higher the Rage, the more effective you'll be in combat by ways of unlocking stronger but slower attacks. You cannot leave Crinos form until hostiles have been dealth with.
  • If Cahal's Rage grows too much to handle, he becomes Frenzied. When Frenzied, you can't tell friend from foe. Therefore to leave a frenzied Crinos form you need to kill everyone - even those who are innocent - and suffer the consequences. The frenzied Crinos form is more powerful but has more inertia and becomes more difficult to maneuver.
  • When you are Frenzied you also attract the Wyrm, causing the Wyrm to spawn more enemies for you to fight in a sort of horde mode. It's intended to challenge those who enjoy combat, but at the same time you are on a timer. Too much time spent Frenzied fighting the Wyrm will eventually corrupt Cahal - resulting in a game over.
  • Other characters and animals will feel your Rage if it gets high enough, and also have an effect on a player tattoo (OP: very little information on the player tattoo so far).
  • Is able to clear up a cluttered area and creating space for you to fight on.
  • Rage can also build out of combat, by simple things like standing in a puddle of oil, seeing the corpse of an animal, a conversation about animal cruelty. This can then trigger a change to the Crinos form.
  • It's possible for Cahal to become enraged even during dialogue, causing him to eviscerate important characters.


  • The main antagonistic faction is Endron Oil, which is closely affiliated with the Wyrm and a subsidiary of Pentex Industries. Pentex in turn is also owned by vampires.
  • Endron Oil is aware of the existence of werewolves, and have guards using exoskeletons, silver weaponry and humans possessed by the Fomori - a form of Wyrm spirit.
  • Wyrm possessed humans will upon death release the Fomori spirit for you to fight.
  • Cahal can detect the Wyrm presence in humans using Umbral vision.



Edit: Apparently these images have titles! Source.

Wendigo Crinos

When will you rage

Umbral lands

The last tree

The Pentex connection

alt text
Inspiration for the new Werewolf logo has been drawn from protest signs, hardcore punk logos and a general vibe of violent resistance, combined with three classic Apocalypse images - the claw-mark, the savage “W” and the Garou glyph for “war”.





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November 2018

Part 2 - Reply from Paradox Interactive regarding White Wolf's change of leadership and role

Thanks to Discord/Focus Forums user Graem who reached out for some answers on how this affects Earthblood:

Regarding the state of this game's existence in the wake of Paradox Interactive completely absorbing White Wolf Publishing and effectively removing its independence, I reached out to Shams Jorjani of Paradox Entertainment with some questions. He responded. This is what he wrote back to me:

Hi Graem,

Thanks for getting in touch.

No worries - in fact the future direction will entail a LOT more licensing through others and we remain steadfast about a kickass Werewolf game from Cyanide. Just have a bit more patience 😉



Here is a screencap of the exchange of emails for those of you who require additional context and "proof."

alt text

Also from Graem:

This looks good for us fans of the game in the making, and of the IP. After all the hubbub and fear going around, it was nice to get this. [...] I have already informed Shams via Twitter that I have relayed his message to others, and he "Liked" those tweets of mine, so this is fair.

Part 1 - White Wolf's change of leadership and role

It seems that White Wolf is having some considerable problems with their company structure, and as such will be now be fully absorbed by Paradox Interactive, and to instead focus on brand management rather than in-house development. The issue was apparently brought up by the recent Vampire 5:th edition which contained sections that were distasteful/disrespectful.

Src: https://www.white-wolf.com/newsblog/a-message-from-white-wolf

Note: Excerpt from the full quote.

In practical terms, White Wolf will no longer function as a separate entity. The White Wolf team will be restructured and integrated directly into Paradox Interactive, and I will be temporarily managing things during this process. We are recruiting new leadership to guide White Wolf both creatively and commercially into the future, a process that has been ongoing since September.

Going forward, White Wolf will focus on brand management. This means White Wolf will develop the guiding principles for its vision of the World of Darkness, and give licensees the tools they need to create new, excellent products in this story world. White Wolf will no longer develop and publish these products internally. This has always been the intended goal for White Wolf as a company, and it is now time to enact it.

The World of Darkness has always been about horror, and horror is about exploring the darkest parts of our society, our culture, and ourselves. Horror should not be afraid to explore difficult or sensitive topics, but it should never do so without understanding who those topics are about and what it means to them. Real evil does exist in the world, and we can’t ever excuse its real perpetrators or cheapen the suffering of its real victims.

In the Chechnya chapter of the V5 Camarilla book, we lost sight of this. The result was a chapter that dealt with a real-world, ongoing tragedy in a crude and disrespectful way. We should have identified this either during the creative process or in editing. This did not happen, and for this we apologize.

We ask for your patience while we implement these changes. In the meantime, let’s keep talking. I’m available for any and all thoughts, comments and feedback, on shams.jorjani@paradoxinteractive.com.


The specific mention of "Going forward, White Wolf will focus on brand management", does have some implications on Earthblood. Early statements about the project was that White Wolf would provide story and setting, but considering the change of the company direction, that might not be the case any longer. At least, until we know more about which company will actually be developing the new edition of Werewolf, which Earthblood supposedly would be incorporating (this is only based on the fact that Earthblood uses the upcoming 5:th edition Werewolf logotype).

If any viewer knows what's going on with the new edition of Werewolf, and could shed some light on who Cyanide might be in talks with would be interesting. To me it sounds like the new edition of the pen-and-paper edition of Werewolf is likely going to be suffering; which begs the question - how does this affect Cyanide and Earthblood?

Anecdote: Tobias Sjögren talks about working with license holders (3 min preview): https://twitter.com/bizofindiegames/status/1056093437584384000. (I do not personally have access to the full video).

"If something turns out really bad, having been honest about it with the audience as well, and say 'hey well we tried, we didn't succeed, and here's probably why, and we'll try to do it better next time'. Be honest and blunt about it, I think that's the only way to communicate with an audience."

I think this reflects upon White Wolf's situation back in late October.

October 2018

Oof, I feel stupid. I think it's pretty conclusive that the company Black Shamrock in Dublin, Ireland are also developing Werewolf: Earthblood.

This could not mean much of anything, but it's gone by completely missed by me at least until now. However Black Shamrock can't be taking on the entire project however as Cyanide's job applications still point to an office in "Nanterre (92), near RER A" which is located in France.

Also - this probably means that it isn't just a coincidence that Cahal is Fianna!

A life-sign from Cyanide's Twitter account - on the 5:th of october they retweeted the job opening for a lead 3D environment artist for Earthblood.

Currently (as of October 21) their job openings seems to be:

  • Lead Environment Artist (Permanent position)
  • Lead Character Artist (Permanent position)
  • Lead 3D Animation Artist (Permanent position)
  • Environment Artist Intern (Internship)
  • UI/UX Designer (Fixed term contract for "upcoming licensed games, including the Unreal Engine 4 engine, developed for PS4 and XboxOne consoles as well as PC" which I'd say has a good chance of being Earthblood)

The majority of positions Cyanide have put up are for production art, but considering Black Shamrock are assisting with the game, it might still be moving forward even if the positions at Cyanide have not been filled for the last 4 months now.

July 2018

Life-signs from the project: they are are looking to hire a Lead Character Artist and a Lead Animator.


During March Cyanide Studios was acquired by the french publisher BigBen, acquiring for some 20M€ a total of 100% of their shares and voting rights.

BigBen's press release can be downloaded as PDF here.

Gamesindustry.biz gives some light on Cyanide's current projects, namely that Focus Home Interactive will still be publishing Werewolf, among other games.

Edit: Added more quotes from the article that are more positive toward the situation.

Bigben Interactive published the very first Horse Racing Manager game in 2003 (its only past publishing partnership with Cyanide), although Focus Home Interactive has published the majority of Cyanide's titles since.

While Cyanide is already going to broaden Bigben's catalogue, the studio is hoping its new parent company's resources will allow it to similarly diversify its own development slate. CEO and co-founder Patrick Pligersdorffer will remain in charge of Cyanide and retain creative autonomy.

The acquisition is expected to close in June 2018. Cyanide will maintain its existing agreements with publishers, with Call of Cthulhu, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and Space Hulk: Tactics to be published by Focus Home Interactive.

May 2018

An interview on the swedish site gamingaktier.com with Tobias Sjögren gives some additional insight on engine and release date (add a healthy dose of salt to that statement, especially if it's not coming from Cyanide Studios themselves). Translated by yours truly.

Sjögren: "The game is coming to PC and console and is being created in the Unreal-engine. The genre is action RPG. The goal is for the game to be released during the first half of 2019."

And completely unrelated to Earthblood, Sjögren mentioned about the possibility of TV-serie(s) based on World of Darkness.

Interviewer: "In an older youtube video you mentioned it would be a failure from your side to not have a Netflix-series based on the World of Darkness universe within a couple of years. Can you elaborate? Are there any plans for a series today?"

Sjögren: "Yes, and by Netflix we are talking about streaming services in general, there are after all several options in that field. First and foremost we believe that we (White Wolf) have a lot of stories to tell that would fit extremely well as TV-serie(s), and we work with the ambition to have something on the market as early as 2020. So the work from our side is well under way. One particular trap we're trying to avoid is to control the rights completely so we don't e.g. get in the same situation as Skybound with their IP 'Walking Dead' where the universe exists in two versions. One is based on the TV-series that is produced by AMC, and the other is the comic (the original). Therefore we're not going for the first license-offer we come across with the highest guarantee. We're looking for a serious collaboration and hoping to produce several parallel TV-series such as Marvel have done on Netflix with Daredevil, Jessica Jones and so on."

The german site wodnews.blog also made a write-up of the same article.

PC Gamer April 2018 issue, nothing new to report.

playstationlifestyle.net published an article, with little new information except verifying subterfuge as a way to enter the enemy territory.

"Since Cahal can take on three separate forms at any time, levels have been designed with that in mind. There will usually be an option to go in stealthily as Lupus, the wolf form, and sneak in undetected behind enemy lines, or as Homid, the human form, to enter via social means by talking to people who assume you are one of them. Finally, the combat form Crinos is a valid way to break in, using brute force."

rpgnuke.ru published an article in russian

"In the guise of a wolf, you can hunt animals."

"Everything related to the plot is created inside White Wolf, and Cyanide is responsible for the implementation."

Old article from vg247.com mentions the early ideas back in 2017, and also dating the start of development.

Old article from gamewatcher.com has some interesting gameplay information.

"Likewise, if you’re in dialogue with a character and you’re overcome by rage, your character might eviscerate an important character."

"At the center of it is this area known as Penumbra, which is a place sort of set between the physical world and the spiritual world. Garou will be able to make use of this entity known as the Great Spirit of the Waterfall and she is where you will get sidequests and challenges. Pass those and the Spirit will grant you various rewards. For instance, if you do well, she can open a shortcut for you between regions. There will also be other tribes of werewolf. Some will be aggressive and some will be friendly. They’ll be interesting to interact with and we wanted to instill a sense of what kind of werewolf the player would become by way of these tribes."

Article from wccftech.com.

"This form is the most powerful but once you enter it, you can only leave when combat is finished, and you must fight against the clock or be lost completely to the rage."

gamereactor.eu published an article in english, as well as a video interview in english.

Please read it for yourself to get all the details and support the news outlet.

I've transcribed the video of the interesting bits. Took some time but it has more information than the fairly short articles before misses out on.

Martin Ericsson: "So now the thirteen tribes of the Garou Nation - the werewolves - are contemplating going into all-out war with humanity, to fight the enemy of the wyrm, which is the spiritual consequence of our greed and destruction of the planet. But in this struggle, they face their own inner-rage, because their anger is what drives them and it's also their risk."

Martin: "So it's a radical revenge fantasy in one way, putting a face on the evils of the world and the satisfying feeling of ripping that face off. But also the question: what is the price of changing the world with violence as a monstrous eco-terrorist fighting against big oil, in this case. The game takes place in the US, your enemy is Enron Endron Oil, a multinational oil corporation, and you are the werewolf, you are the monster or the hero, depending on how you manage your anger."

OP: Bit of trivia, there's actually a company named Enron that went defunct in 2001 with nearly the same name that just seems to embody the same concept of natural resources and corruption. In WtA the company Endron International is most definitely a throwback to Enron.

Martin: "We have the protagonist who's a strange father coming back to his pack, coming back to his tribe, after an extended period away. And what has happened to his friends, what has happened to his Caern, the wild place of nature that they defended that he has left. So we take up the story from there."

Julien Desourteaux: "The Lupus form is the exploration form. It is great for exploring the huge open areas we have. You can do some recon:ing, tracking, spying. It's a good form for stealth in the environment. You can use it to travel through narrow places where no one else can go. The human form is the 'interaction form'. It uses the environment to their advantage by hacking some devices, disable security, drones, gather information by reading emails, triggering traps with the machinery that the humans use. It's also interacting with people. And by interacting I mean you can kill them silently or talk with them.

Martin: "And of course in human shape no one knows that you are werewolf, you are completely undercover. Nobody in this world except for the leadership and elite soldiers of Endron Oil know that there are werewolves. So you are able to go undercover quite a lot."

Julien: "Rage management is the main theme of the game. The question that will be asked of the player 'when will you rage'. At each step of the game you will see that, you will feel that."
"I'm in dialogue with a guy, and I can let my rage overflow and I can turn into this monstrous creature and rip off his face because he was talking badly to me."

Martin: "Or talking about how great animal testing is or something. Werewolves are sensitive and easily offended warriors."

Julien: "In combat if you let the rage overwhelm you, you will turn into the frenzy state. [snip] Players like that (frenzy), we don't judge the player for doing that. But they will have to deal with the consequences. In the frenzy state you lose a lot of information. You won't be able to distinguish friend from foe, you will have to clean up all the places. And as well by becoming frenzied you will call an evil entity that will spawn its army to defeat you. And you will have more and more enemies to fight. It's our way to record what the player is doing, and say 'okay you like frenzy, we will give you challenge for that', but you are becoming what you are fighting against."

Martin: "It's the classic scene of werewolf, to realize that its your brother that you killed. This frenzy mechanic is similar, because when you stop being able to separate: who are the hostages I'm supposed to rescue? Who are the HR pool of the company who are really innocent and who are the evil experimenting scientists I'm trying to stop here? When you are too angry you can't see that any more, and you just rip everything apart. And if you don't manage that horde mode (the wyrm) of attacks against you that comes with the frenzy, you turn into the wyrm itself, you become what you are fighting, you become the enemy."

"And this is at the core: what's the prize? Collateral damage, when will you unleash that anger towards injustice and will you hurt innocent people doing it. And we don't want to do placque-hard politics, we like to ask questions using in-game systems so you can experience challenges of managing your anger towards injustice. What's the balance between doing something - ripping the evil politicians to shreds - and not hurting innocent people."

Interviewer: "I just want to close in on the genre of the game?"
Julien: "We call this a systemic action RPG in third person."

Martin: "It has a very strong story, we have a fixed character, we have a fixed narration about family, estrangement, cynicism and idealism."

Martin: "So we are right there (American northwest) but we are in a number of different hubs and each one of these hubs is quite large and sprawling and there is a lot of free-roaming in them. There are missions you can go in instances, and when you come back to the main area, things have changed."

Julien: "Like for example you'll attract your old pack to come back since they saw you solved some missions. You can have for example, if you destroy a dam you free a spirit of the river, and this river can then give you a secondary mission. And if I solve that secondary mission I'll get a get a challenge that when I succeeded I can then have the skill of the river, and we can trade with spirits. The werewolves deal with the spiritual world."

Martin: "It's the first nation's religion, it's like the religions of all people who live very close to the land. They have that spirituality, that same animistic view. And that gives us great possibility for cool powerups that comes from nature. So all of the werewolves' supernatural powers are drawn from the natural world."

Interviewer: "And you have all these tribes of werewolves, so I assuming that you can align yourself depending on how you play the game?"

Martin: "It's more like reconnecting to an old group of friends, where they come from different tribes, they have different perspectives, and what has happened them? What do you think of their perspectives now? You are not a young man anymore, you have this mature view of the world. And some of them may have gone into complete extremism, what are you gonna think about that? And what are you going to think about your son? Because he has changed a lot in the time you were away."

Julien: "We don't have a release window right now, we know that we will release it on PS4, Xbox One and PC."

Martin: "And it's important to us to have like super cool, visual combat, really satisfying shape changing, and those things take time. So it's more of a 'when it's good' scenario."

An article by loutrage.fr of a transcript in french. I get the impression that this interviewer has the right questions and that Julien is more comfortable talking in french. Some nice info here.

Please read it for yourself to get all the details and support the news outlet.

"... can we choose the tribe?"
"No. What we wanted was a story written and under control. The player will not be able to choose his character. On the other hand, the character is a ronin; that means he left his pack and he no longer has the totem that gave him his powers. This is not a blank page, but the player will be able to reshape it in his image. We wanted the player to embody an interesting character, with a story and a past, because we wanted to tell a specific story. On the other hand, we still integrated members of other tribes, history that the player can see the different possible interactions."

"So, the character comes from what tribe?"
"The character is a Fianna, and events will bring him back into the struggle and into that pack that had banished him, because his son has disappeared. And among the Fianna family is a value that is really very important."

"Rather in nature or in urban environments?"
"We will have beautiful natural environments, but which are threatened by human activities, via companies, excavators, etc ... So, we will also have missions that will take place in industrial environments rather typical, where you will have for example to infiltrate a dam to sabotage it."

"In human form, you can also use a crossbow; Werewolves (or at least most) do not use firearms. There it is a weapon which the character has made himself, and on which he can attach spirits; if he gets gifts from the spirits, then he will be able to make improvements. The crossbow is obviously used to kill enemies from a distance, but it can also be used to interact with the environment (exploding an explosive barrel by unlocking the flaming arrows, or shooting a case to cause a short circuit and open a door , etc ...)."

"In wolf and human, we will have access to a Penumbra vision, which will allow us to see the spiritual nature of things around us and to interact with spirits. For example, we can see if some guards were corrupted by the wyrm; when they die, they will respawn in Fomori and it will be a different challenge. Level interaction with the spirits, we can communicate with them and they can give us a challenge in a small area of ​​the Umbra (... there will be no great trips in the Umbra) so that we can prove it our value. If we get there, he'll give us some of his power."

"And finally, the third form, we have the Crinos, which is used for combat, and the player becomes super powerful. In the beginning we will destroy all the guards we are going to send, but the enemies will become powerful themselves as well; some guards will have exoskeletons, others will have silver weapons, there will be Fomoris, etc."

"We want the player to have the choice and not be forced to always have control. On the other hand, when one is in Crinos, one also has another mechanics of Rage. The more damage we receive, the more the Rage will go up. And the more one makes finish moves, and the more the level will go down; It's going to be spectacular, it will be satisfying for the Crinos, and its rage will go down a bit. If you reach the maximum of Rage, either because the player has not managed to control it, or because he did not want, he will go into a frenzy. In the role play, when the player went into a frenzy, he would give his character card to the game master, he would smoke a cigarette or drink a coffee, then he would come back and be told what had happened. It was not a solution for us, but we wanted to reproduce this feeling of loss of control."

"This is a phase where we will be a spectator?"
"No. The idea is that we will really release the Beast, and we will become extremely powerful. The fight, which was until then in beat'em all, will go muso to the Dynasty Warrior: the enemies is cardboard, the Crinos do not feel anything because it is in total berserk, and there is much more inertia which makes it more difficult to maneuver. The problem is that we lose information; for example, if I am in a room where there are enemies and hostages, everyone becomes a threat, and then everyone will have to be killed to get out of the frenzy and suffer the consequences. If you had just been in Crinos, once the enemies were killed, you could have saved the hostages (... or not, because it is also a possible choice)."

"It is this mechanics that will structure the game. This level of Rage, the characters that we will cross will be able to feel it, and it could also have consequences on a player tattoo. Or, animals that can be crossed in the hubs would tend to move away if the level is high."

"And our werewolf is rather a loner or he will have companions?"
"He is mainly solitary as he is a ronin. He has his own personal quest where he wants to find his son, but he is going to need the members of his old pack. He will also meet other characters who could help him punctually. We will not find a pack mechanic, but there will still be a group dynamic with mutual help for example, but out of combat."

"How is the metal-silver handled?"
"So, if we take normal damage, then once back in human form, we regenerate. On the other hand, if we took silver damage, then I will not be able to heal myself and it will stack up and lower my life level."

"... Well, if I understand correctly with all that you explained to me, Werewolf: The Apocalypse will not be the Vampires: Bloodlines for werewolves?"
With as many choices as Bloodlines, no, clearly. We really wanted to choose our story and tell it the best way possible. Our goal is to show the license to those who do not know it, and to people who know it to find elements that speak to them and that are interesting. We do not try to make the final game that will bring everything together, and that's why we chose an imposed character. For once, Bloodlines was maybe ... a little too ambitious? In our game, the Crinos will remain at the heart of the experience, and we will not be able to finish the game without fighting."

The article on jeuxvideo.com seems to confirm the name of the game will be "Werewolf The Apocalypse: Earthblood". Further confirmation was made when the tweet prominently mentioning the name Earthblood was retweeted by White Wolf.

A summarization of articles in spanish by Gica Sabinescu.

Spanish site 3djuegos.com has an article in spanish. I've Google Translated some sections below.

Please read it for yourself to get all the details and support the news outlet.

"Although the French team assured us that great progress has been made over the last twelve months, Focus's What's Next event did not serve to show new images of the software, but to specify and know what are the first details of the production and the first playable details of the work."

"Were told that the basis of Werewolf: The Apocalypse will be the action and infiltration games as Deus Ex , but with a touch of Bloodborne and God of War in battles."

"As happens in the Deus Ex franchise , but in an unprecedented third-person perspective, the levels will bet on not very large constructions, but with many ways to solve the mission, so the user must take advantage of the three ways to get to finish the different challenges. In the hands of the player, he will use, wisely, the tools available to him and execute his particular plan of action. Among the confirmed scenarios for the game are Nevada, Alaska or the redwood forests of Washington."

"They guaranteed us that all creatures that inhabit the World of Darkness will have their place in Werewolf: The Apocalypse, including Vampire Vampires : The Masquerade and Magicians of Wizard: The Ascension."

"...it seems that the E3 could be an ideal date to show it, as Cyanide has confirmed to 3DJuegos..."

French site jeuxvideo.com has an article in french. I've Google Translated some sections below.

Please read it for yourself to get all the details and support the news outlet.

"You play as Cahal, a werewolf banned from his pack many years ago and forced out of the shadows following the massacre of his family and the disappearance of his son."
"...A member of Fianna, the hero later weaves links with other packs populating the continent."

"Werewolf The Apocalypse is an invitation to travel to these alternative United States (Nevada, northern states ...) in a semi-open, persistent world of linear storytelling. The structure of the levels is inspired by Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its environments playing the role of Hub to trigger main missions and side quests. Among these activities, creatives mention the destruction of outposts, help to various spirits of nature (river, forest ...) and the discovery of a universe that promises to be dense and captivating."

"The Homid (human form) privileges interactions and discussions, computer hacking, exploitation of the environment and use of a "magic" crossbow with the ability to merge with some elemental spirits (fire, electricity ...). Lupus (wolf) on its side is ideal to infiltrate, hunt its prey and travel ... history to play the card of stealth."

Another article from gamesradar.com. Here's the article. Adjusted names that they got wrong (the human form Crynod -> Homid, the corporation Pantex -> Pentex).

Please read it for yourself to get all the details and support the news outlet.

"This action RPG has you step into the shoes - or paws - of a member of the Fianna tribe, an Irish group of werewolves who prize family over everything. Yet you’re an outcast, a veteran of battle that has turned into a lone wolf (literally). After spending some time alone in the wild, you’ll be called back to help your ex-pack out of a spot of bother, as something’s happened to your son, which probably doesn’t bode well. At its heart Werewolf: The Apocalypse is a story of the bond between a father and son, but you’d be forgiven for forgetting about your son thanks to all the general devastation in the world around you."

"...there’s three forms to choose from when it comes to taking down enemies. Lupus is a traditional four-legged wolf, perfect for tracking, stealth, and exploring. Sneak through a wild, open area and observe your enemies in this form before deciding whether to confront them as a Crynod Homid - a fancy word for a human - or a Crinos, your traditional werewolf: big, angry, and very bloodthirsty. As a human you can chat to fellow humans to get valuable intel, but an even better feature of this form is its opposable thumbs. Those nifty joints let you hack into security devices, use your hand-crafted crossbow, and do silent takedowns. But if you really want to do damage, unleash your fury as a Crinos. Ripping people apart is no problem with their massive claws and endless fury, so they’re the best option for when you’re facing a room full of the Wyrm’s forces. But be careful, because if you let your temper get the better of you your allies won’t be too happy… because they’ll be dead. By your hand."

"Tearing apart your enemies looks deliciously fun. Be careful, though. Indulge too much in that ferocious behaviour and you’ll go into Frenzy mode, where your attacks become especially devastating. If you stay in Frenzy mode too long, you run the risk of being ‘touched by the Wyrm’, which is an immediate game over as its corrupting influence, well, corrupts you. To end Frenzy mode and ensure this doesn’t happen, you need to kill everyone around you, according to Desourteaux. Even your friends. “You have to kill your allies as well,” he says, “because you see them as a threat. When you go into Frenzy, you’re not able to recognise everybody - everyone looks like a threat”. Like an awkward family reunion, the game will remember that you massacred your friends. Your brutality will affect future quests, the ways NPCs behave towards you, and even what kind of enemies you face."

"Pantex Pentex have taken all the blood from Gaia and now they’re taking the last breath”, as Desourteaux puts it. All thanks to their devotion to the Wyrm. “All the mega corporations do the bidding of the Wyrm because of their greed,” says Blanchard, “but Pentex goes one bit further because they know about the Wyrm”. They're deliberately tapping into the Wyrm’s power. Which perhaps isn’t that surprising considering that Pentex is run by vampires. And we all know how well vampires and werewolves get along..."

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The transformation into a news thread has begun!

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Uh why the logo change?

“We’re demonstrating the forms you can take in Werewolf: The Apocalypse at Le WhatsNext de FocusHome!”


Possible Protagonist?


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far better crinos than the one on the first art work last years

“Busy day 2 at the #WhatsNext’s interview room for @TheSurgeGame and @WerewolfVGAME!”


Combat concept art?


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Thanks for linking! Just got back home from work. Sadly that tweet you found @HumbleHomid of that image was deleted apparently but I'll add your image instead.

Gotta say I really like the look of the forms, definitely a step up since the last time we saw concept art.

Ah, I'm so sorry I had no idea!

Had to do it quickly on my phone (Which was proving to be difficult)
So some of it slipped past.


No problem! I would have missed it entirely if it weren't for you so.
The What's Next event also just ended, so now we're probably going to have to wait a few days/weeks for the articles to pop up.


I think what we got this week was pretty good!

The concept art that we saw was definitely an improvement over the past ones.

The Crinos that we saw seem to be a lot bulkier and covered in fur unlike past forms seen in concept art, and the image from the deleted tweet seems pretty brutal! Overall I’m excited to see what’s coming next!

Brilliant, thanks for compiling all of these together.

Much more positive Garou this time. Fingers crossed that bodes well for the rest of the game's evolution.

first review !


here we can learn the the name of the protagonist: Cahal, a Fianna ban from is tribe.

I've updated the thread with some quotes from two articles.

No new images have surfaced from what I can tell except a more clean (but very small) version of the cover art.

More news popped up! Please read the article from the spanish site 3djuegos. Some juicy information there.

They also have a HUGE version of the cover art, so please download it and just smack that as your desktop wallpaper if you feel like. I've linked to the image in the OP.

Thank you so much for the new information!
I'm glad to know that it will be in the third person.

@Inquisitore No problem! It's fun to scour the internet for new articles. Actually seems like we know the full name of the game now!

An article on jeuxvideo seems to suggest it's Werewolf the Apcalypse: Earthblood!

If you find anything I've missed (or some quote in an article I overlooked) just reply and I'll add it.

Thanks for the cool, comprehensive list.
As in regards of newer information. Well the French article compares it to Deus Ex: Human Revolution specifically. It states that it had rather small levels, which one may explore using various approaches, and that they took inspiration from the DeuxEx:HR hub system.
With main quests and side quests. They mention quests about destroying a base and aiding nature spiritis (forest, river ones)

The GamesRadar+ article talks about vampires being behind Pentex.
The Spanish one that the game has some vampires and mages in it. (If I do translate: "Nos garantizaron que todas las criaturas que habitan el Mundo de Tinieblas tendrán su lugar en Werewolf: The Apocalypse, incluidos vampiros de Vampiro: La Mascarada y magos de Mago: La Ascensión." correctly to: "They guaranteed us that all of the creatures inhabiting the WoD will have their place in W:tA, including the vampires of VtM and the mages of MtA)

Thanks Teylen, I've updated some quotes. 🙂

I've also added a pretty huge transcript of a video found on gamereactor.eu with new more flavourful information regarding the story, the theme and more about gameplay mechanics.

Another edit: http://www.loutrage.fr/werewolf-the-apocalypse-cyanide/ has great information about some nitty gritty details of gameplay and less pitch-speech but rather how the game is. Great read even if it takes a bit of google translate.

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