What we know so far of Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood

A french article on factornews.com with Cyanide's Patrick Pligersdorffer.

Werewolf is definitely caught in some company politics at this time, but hopefully it doesn't affect the development team too much. But I can imagine it's a bit of a four-way corporate street here (White Wolf, Cyanide, Focus, BigBen finding the path forward).

Call of Cthulhu , Space Hulk: Tactics and Necromunda (since Rogue Factor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyanide) will remain published by Focus. As Werewolf's exit is further away, we talk with Focus and BigBen to see which solution would be best for everyone. Once again, we try to do all this in good intelligence.

Patrick Pligersdorffer on creative freedom after the buyout.

Does being redeemed really mean, as the saying goes, less freedom but more security?
For the moment, it's hard to say. A priori, it's safer, that's for sure. After, in the negotiations, the freedom aspect was very important for us. For the moment, the upcoming projects we are discussing are in line with what we were doing before or what we wanted to do in the process. If we manage to show that BigBen can trust our editorial choices, I think it will be more security for so much freedom, hehe ... That's the goal on our side anyway.

Another view on the Focus buyout that didn't happen (summary: head of Focus left shortly after his suggestion to buy Cyanide was shot down by the board).

We wondered at Factor if the resignation of Cédric Lagarrigue of the head of Focus was not related to the acquisition of Cyanide by BigBen? Cyanide was one of their main collaborating studios, so it must have been a bit of a pique at home.
There is obviously a link. Cedric was more than just a partner. It was also and it's still a friend. Focus and Cyanide grew together for 17 years and obviously Focus was one of the potential buyers of Cyanide. It did not happen for a variety of reasons. The non-redemption of Cyanide by Focus was part of Cédric's departure but there were also other topics. I think it is rather to the Supervisory Board of Focus that the question must be asked. I think that indeed our departure is a bit on the spot but we will see in the long term how it goes for them as for us. Focus will have to compensate for the departure of our "catalog". After, developer projects, it is not what is missing. With the departure of Cedric, it starts to do a lot.

Cyanide has several subsidiary studios, apparently.

The Council is developed at Big Bad Wolf, it makes me think that you regularly subcontract your developments. This was the case forOf Orcs and Men at Spiders for example. Why ? And why not expand the team at Cyanide?
We outsource because it is easier to work with a team in place than to build a team of any room. By cons Big Bad Wolf is also a subsidiary of 100% Cyanide so it is not exactly outsourcing. We just chose to create a kind of "label" for this type of game with the Bordeaux team.

So wait I missed something. Cyanide how many subsidiaries today? I was convinced that Big Bad Wolf was independant, even though I know that some elders of Cyanide founded it. Cyanide is dominating the world and nobody told me anything?
We have 2 subsidiaries: Rogue in Canada and BBW in Bordeaux, that's all. We prefer to present them as independent, it gives more media coverage in fact!

Werewolf The Apocalypse is one of those games that I have been waiting for! It seems that it will be one of the best roleplaying games that have come out in a while. I am looking forward to this game and I know many others are too.

An update to say that Earthblood won't be shown at GamesCom (August 21-25).


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We are now two months after the Big Ben buy-out and no news on Werewolf. I've tried to get the attention of a number of Focus Home people (in the Discord, Twitch and Facebook). If there are any mods or otherwise monitoring this forum, is it possible to get an update? Even if it's "decisions are still being made", so far it just feels like we're back in never-ending development Malfeas.

October 2018

Oof, I feel stupid. I think it's pretty conclusive that the company Black Shamrock in Dublin, Ireland are also developing Werewolf: Earthblood.

This could not mean much of anything, but it's gone by completely missed by me at least until now. However Black Shamrock can't be taking on the entire project however as Cyanide's job applications still point to an office in "Nanterre (92), near RER A" which is located in France.

Also - this probably means that it isn't just a coincidence that Cahal is Fianna!

A life-sign from Cyanide's Twitter account - on the 5:th of october they retweeted the job opening for a lead 3D environment artist for Earthblood.

Currently (as of October 21) their job openings seems to be:

  • Lead Environment Artist (Permanent position)
  • Lead Character Artist (Permanent position)
  • Lead 3D Animation Artist (Permanent position)
  • Environment Artist Intern (Internship)
  • UI/UX Designer (Fixed term contract for "upcoming licensed games, including the Unreal Engine 4 engine, developed for PS4 and XboxOne consoles as well as PC" which I'd say has a good chance of being Earthblood)

The majority of positions Cyanide have put up are for production art, but considering Black Shamrock are assisting with the game, it might still be moving forward even if the positions at Cyanide have not been filled for the last 4 months now.

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