Urgent fix: matchmaking mismatch

Experienced players (level 25 and higher) are getting matched with level 0-15 (rank bronze-silvers) and it's taking away the fun of the game. And I believe the newcomers to this game will not like the competitive side (Firefight) because they are getting slaughtered and leave the game.

Please fix this asap otherwise the game will die imo..

Your thoughts are valid but I also think that the problems you speak of are just part of any game's learning curve. If you join casual queue in any game having just bought it, you'd come across the same problem. Rainbow Six, Overwatch, you name it; they all have that element of grinding the game for knowledge and better strats. If you get stomped by a team, take in what they did to stomp you and use it to stomp your next match. We've all been bad at a video game before, but we all get better too.

Putting the inexperienced together and not having the l33t operators totally stomp them is still a good idea. Of course if the player base is not large enough then it's kinda hard.

Also Overwatch totally has competetive ranking and (not displayed) MMR (MatchMaking Rank) to try to keep the game interesting for everyone. Ditto for Rocket League (I've played Overwatch and Rocket League fair bit, sandstorm competetive not yet [the coop mode is challenging enough and probably way less salty])

Thx for your reply. I agree with what you're saying. But at least get rid of mixing unranked players (players who are playing their first Firefight match) with the experienced players. This happens quite a lot.

is there any matchmaking at all? or is there just team balancing? personally I don't mind if there is team balancing only. What you don't want though is imbalanced teams, that is terrible (e.g. due to a group of high-skilled players queuing together).

Not sure how much you want to control things, as players have the ability to play versus firefight if they are too green.

Some experienced players might be just a tad elitist or simply "so done" for "herding n00bs", which why it would probably in the long run be better to have some sort of MMR, separate from the level (which you can just grind up even if you suck) that will adjust based on your average performance during matches and generally don't group low-mmr with high unless there is no other option.

teams/groups formed outside of the matchmaking need to have some sort of weighted average for their total MMR rank, for example: higher ranks given a bit more weight so that one low-rank does not bring the whole group down too much so that higher ranking players don't just dominate the whole game alone, oir just eliminate the lowest and highest rank from the calculation as outliers (if more than 2 people) and just use plain average (welcome to statistics 101).