Help altering or making a truck?

I have a GAZ66 loaded in the editor, but I don't know what does what.

The included guide.pdf really doesn't help me much. Also can't see how to load the truck into 3DS MAX? Assuming that's what I need to do.

You can't load a vehicle in max without having the .max file
The .x is the exported file, you can't load it in max by default.

Ok, so if I make a standard cube, export the .x file how do I get the xml to load into the Editor and replace one of the trucks?

Getting bad filename trying to load the xml. But I can load the xml of my own made "brick" model..

Oh my word it worked. I have a massive grin right now 🙂

alt text

Now to figure out how to get tires on it..

Can't find the classes/truck.xml for my truck, where is that?

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Media/mods/the code of your mod/classes or something like this. But you need to add the xml nu right clicking on your mod code in the editor and add a truck.
I'm not sure if everything I said is 100% correct but it is close to...

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I have it driving in game now. Thanks to Forces' help last night. Needs scaling and rotating but it works.

Hello i m jumping in the conversation here, i m interested to modify an original truck model from mudrunner,and found tutorial to import external 3d model into the game rather than modifying an existiing one.
From what i read up it seem not possible at the moment, is that right?

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