fullscreen bug

No matter what setting I put under display mode my game always runs in borderless windowed, even when set to regular windowed.

PS. I'm not sure if this is related to ambient occlusion or the shadows setting but if an enemy is in a room above you their shadow will appear on the roof

have your tried putting -windowed in the launch command?

@blqqd said in fullscreen bug:

                have your tried putting -windowed in the launch command?

I am also still having this problem even though there are patches that say they should have fixed it. I have tried launching the game with both the -fullscreen and -windowed launch commands and neither have worked. It even says its running fullscreen while not being able to keep my mouse within the game's screen if I move it across the border of my monitors. I'd expect this issue to have been fixed before release since it makes this completely unplayable with 2 monitors