Clear Cache For Mudrunner
Community Moderator - MudRunner

I took a cache clearer from the O.G Spintires, and changed some of the code so it works for mudrunner. Use at your own risk.

Put this in the mudrunner directory, and run.

Command Prompt Will run, and ask if you want to delete the mudrunner appdata. (which is what clearing cache does)

0_1546565424056_Risky's Clear Cache 1.PNG

Press 'Y' And you're done
1_1546565424057_Risky's Clear Cache 2.PNG

Community Moderator - MudRunner

Make sure you try this clear cache out! Thank you very much for all of the support

@riskywisky this is easy to do manually. And you can customize what you delete. Just go to your appdata folder and you can find everything in there.

Community Moderator - MudRunner

Yea it is easy to do but for some people who are 'basic' with computers might not know how to do it.

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