Future Cosmetic Ideas: Suggestions Welcome

Pretty much some extra cosmetic content in the future, whether it be free updates, paid DLC, etc..


  1. Similar to the Hijab option, Males and Females have access to a Shemagh tied in a side-knot, covering the face. It offers the same earth tone colors as the Hijab in addition to a black pattern.


  1. Bandana: Made popular by the Soviets, and common among former USSR states, with rebels, etc.. Comes in camo and earth tones.

  2. Crye Airframe Helmet: Similar to High-Cut FAST, uses solid colors as an alternative expensive helmet. (Bump Helmet is moved down a tier)

  3. PASGT W/ Goggles: Similar to current PASGT, but with a pair of goggles pushed up.


  1. Ballistic Goggles: Simple alternative to the combat glasses, still featuring a bit of tinting.

Skipping. We got a pretty decent selection. My only gripe is to condense "Soft Padding"'s various camouflage options to just "Camo", similar to other cosmetics.


  1. Hooded Softshell Jacket: Used for cold weather, and in mountainous regions or come night time, it can get pretty cold in the Sandbox. Comes in Earth Tones and Camo

  2. Fleece: Typically used as an under-layer in cold weather, but is oft worn in a standalone fashion in cold weather.
    Comes in earth tones. Grey is excluded to prevent confusion with INS Team gray and white color options.

  3. Skivvy: Although typically against most regulations, it isn't unheard of for soldiers to take off their blouse in high heat, or to not put it on entirely in emergencies such as a FOB Defense. Comes in earth tones, and tucks into pants. Appears unprofessional? Maybe. Looks cool? Yes.

  4. Commando Sweater: Oft used by European military forces outside of combat, and law enforcement agencies. Sometimes sees use in the Middle East by LEO.


  1. Trousers w/ Kneepad: Just the addition of kneepads. Camo is the only color, and the pads themselves color according to the camouflage palette, similar to how the Combat Pants Pads get their specific color.

Foot Wear
Skipping. Again, we got a pretty decent selection that fulfills two pretty general profiles. I guess if you want something smaller than the lightweights NWI could add a pair of trainers?


  1. Maybe a few full-sleeve options like some old-fashioned biker flames.
  2. Maybe a few more colored options, rather than just BW ink.


  2. Possibly the addition of other foreign actors like British, German, and other Coalition Forces.


  1. Side-Knot Shemagh: Same deal as the security variant in non-earth tone colors, with greater variation in pattern and color schemes.

  2. Convertible Balaclava: High quality mask. The top can be pulled back to only cover the lower face.

  3. Patterned Balaclava: Most expensive insurgent headwear. High quality balaclava featuring variety of motifs such as skulls, flames, etc..

Skipping. INS is pretty well off in regards to glasses and such.

Again, skipping. They're fairly well off in this depatrment.


  1. Sleeveless Shirt: Exactly as it sounds. Also referred to as Tank Top or A-shirt. Comes in solid colors or horizontal stripes.
    Example 1, Example 2

  2. Long Undershirt: Same as before, coming in solid colors and horizontal lines.
    Example 1, Example 2

  3. Canvas Jacket: Common working jacket worn to keep the cold away. Possibly restricted to Standard Issue and Leather Glove color palette on INS Team.

Skipping. Insurgents got a lot of supah fly Addidas for the true Slav experience.


  2. Possible West African accents as additional mercenaries, pirates, and terror groups working their way around.

Balaclavas for security which fit under helmets.

@whitby said in Future Cosmetic Ideas: Suggestions Welcome:

Balaclavas for security which fit under helmets.

I had considered adding that to the list when I first drafted it, but decided against it.
Unless the balaclava were to be camouflaged, players could simply forego headgear and eyewear, creating a situation where the head silhouette becomes indistinguishable to an insurgent, as that black little nugget off in the distance might be Ivan.

It's part of why managing the color palette is so important as well.

Security should also have some Kurdish scarves and shemaghs, not covering their face though as it's apparent NWI wants to distinguish the two factions by how much headgear covers the face.

Also the current bump helmet look really awkward without straps or goggles

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So. I might get some flak for this, given that it's Insurgency we're talking about but I can't really help but come back to the same idea.

bear with me please

What do you guys think about implementing a similar cosmetic system to CoD4? No weird pink shit like in fortnite or whatever, but actual camo skins like desert, woodland, digital, etc. based on the amount of kills/headshots you've gotten with a specific weapon. It was a super rewarding system without it feeling out of place with the conflict environment of the game. I remember the feeling of getting the red tiger skin on a weapon like the AKS-74u and it signified (I think) that you got 1000 headshots with that weapon. That's something that feels super good, and I kept finding myself coming back to the menu to check up on my progress with all these different types of guns. Obviously, red tiger might not be an appropriate skin for a weapon in a game like Insurgency, where realism is key, but woodland, desert, and digital camos? I could see that being a probability honestly. What do you guys think?

I know this is Insurgency and not Call of Duty, I get that. I've poured hours upon hours into Sandstorm and many more into the Source version; I love this franchise. However I can't help but feel like if there was a more rewarding cosmetic system, I would love it that much more. Nothing when it comes to micro-transactions. I don't want that sullying this game. Maybe if it was free-to-play, but it's not. They just don't belong in this game.


@dtjonesie You are right. Day of Infamy had a similar mechanic where after a certain number of kills for a gun you got a nicer skin for it, and after so many headshots you got a cloth wrap around it. It’s a far better system as it feels far less grindy and as you said, much more rewarding. While I like that you can
Customize your character, it does feel that NWI got lazy with implementing it. I was hoping during the beta that we would get something better than receiving 100 credits after every level up which you can spend on cosmetics, but no, we didn’t. I suspect that the credits system is because NWI initially wanted to give players the option to buy them with real money, but since they decided against that, I think we could get something a little better. Maybe it could go a little something like this: You unlock each cosmetic item by achieving a certain amount of whatevers. Those whatevers include:
-explosive kills
-firesupport kills
-melee kills
-observer call-ins
-kills with a technical
-helicopter shootdowns
-destroyed technicals

And then, I don’t know, the different colors could be unlocked through leveling up or achieving even more of those whatevers. I don’t really feel like coming up with anything more.

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@Tooth-Decay absolutely. it would, along with getting neat camos for the weapons you love most (which incentivizes you to git gud at using a particular weapon), the system you propose would also incentivize PTFO. great idea.

@dtjonesie Good idea. I like it.

It shouldn't be a real camo pattern, pretty much no-one who actually uses rifles paints their gun in perfect multicam. They should be simple single color or two-color rattlecan jobs. Done right, they can be sexy as hell.

@maa_bunny fair enough. especially true for insurgents. I think two to three color rattlecan jobs would be good; woodland camo with green brown and beige is pretty common, right? I'm not a huge fan of single color camos, but I suppose they can do well. I like the beige default of the Mk 17 for example

As they added Russian digital flora camouflage to the game recently (which I actually hate, honestly) it would be cool to see them add Russian gear to go with it (by the way, if digital flora is on the Kurdish faction, why does the insurgent faction get the Alfa AK? really weird discrepancy).

I think, in general, it would be neat to add some older helmets to the insurgent faction as well. Maybe like the old Soviet steel helmets?

Also, the ACH would also be a welcome addition to the Kurdish/US faction.

Colors depend on the environment, in Sandstorm I would think that various combos of tan and brown would be most common. Maybe a little green. Weapon spray paint tends to be a pretty personalized thing with no real right way to do it. But, while some basement warriors will go through painstaking effort to recreate Kryptek Highlander, ATACS, or the like on their rifle, that kind of thing is pretty rarely seen downrange.

I'm personally a sucker for the look of a well-worn single color spray job on a rifle. When I paint my rifles, I typically do two colors with one sprayed through a net for some texture.

Insurgents must use sand-muslim clothes, or the loot they have taken at captured city and bases.
Advisors must wear non-muslim clothing, as a "mercenary" voice.


I believe you're probably in reference to the Shalwar and Kameez

These used to be featured in the Game "Squad" within the Insurgent Faction, but were later updated to reflect a somewhat more modernized and "grittier" style reflecting insurgents wearing flannels, T-shirts, Cargo Pants, Cargo Shorts, and some surplus military apparel here and there.

This might've been potentially done to avoid linking the insurgents to any specific nationality, creed, or religion. Don't get me wrong; they're entirely displayed as terrorists, utilizing suicide bombers, chemical gas, and other methods that constitute war crimes in real life. They're not people you want to be associated with, which is why I'm pretty sure the INS team has purposely avoided references to Allah or religion in general.

Security Forces don't seem to have this restraint, with the Regular voice often using sayings with religious connotations or foundations, such as "Inshallah" or the ever-famous "Allahu Ackbar!". In contrast, the most religion typically involved with the Insurgents consists of "God damn it, just give up!", or "By God you're dead!" as two VERY common phrases.

Now don't get me wrong, as much as I'd like to see more cultural pieces of clothing featured on either faction, I'm pretty sure this is a political move angled at not pissing off any more SJWs and ethnic groups than normal when considering these types of games.



This was a thing in regards to Insurgency 2014 and is still true in Insurgency: Sandstorm; The developers have taken inspiration from a variety of conflicts across the Middle East in regards to equipping the factions, developing the maps,, and even customizing the players, but they're careful to never say "Who" or "Where" we actually are.

It's part of the reason why you don't see any unit patches, why there are a multitude of camouflages based off various Middle Eastern and Foreign actors on Security. You could be playing as PMC Contractor, a Syrian Rebel, a member of the Afghan or Syrian army, and many more. Alternatively, your insurgent could be a religious extremist, or could be rebelling against a corrupt government. It is intentionally never stated.