Update drivers error or hard lag.

Telling me to update my drivers when they are updated. played the game a year ago and it worked fine. The game just laggs to much and gives me the error to update. have nivida gtx 1080 x 2.

Hello @Discofille,

Can you follow the instructions, and tell me if it helps, please?

Update the driver of the graphics card:


Please update the driver of the NVIDIA graphics card from:

Have a nice day!

I have the same problem. Tried 3 different graphic card (much more performing). Problems only with this game (I have more than 20 and much more demanding).

It works only with the integrated APU graphic chip... The less performing..

I tried many different solutions..
Drivers were the first try. It gets even worse...

Any different solution?

Last match that I managed to play I was offline.. Weird...

Same error, drivers updated 😕

  1. Open Windows Explorer or File Explorer from the taskbar.
  2. Open Documents then the BloodBowl2 folder.
  3. Delete the Config.xml file.
  4. Test.
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