Game progress

Hi there everyone!

Lots of you can remember me as an author of zil-mongo mod and camera tweaks for spintires..

My story is about how I've installed and played mudrunner for a while, also tried to apply some tweaks (I'm sure many of you will agree that Pasha's "short camera" is SHITTIEST SHIT ever, especially with relief maps).

But one day I've get tired of the game that took 5 min to start, so I've decided to get rid of any modifications, by deleting 4gbmod and all the sweetfx files from my game folder and then I verified the game files.

The main surprise for me is that the game still needs about 3-5 minutes to start (lolwhat? csgo is starting in 10 seconds), but ALSO I've lost all my progress in game.

Anyone have ideas how to fix that?

Ooops, my bad)

I've figured out that I accidentally switched to the beta.

No progress is ok.

But I'm still having an issue that it takes about 5 minutes for the game to start.