Some feedback on BFG:A2 multiplayer

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Your first point made me laugh. In no strategy game have i ever seen such a feature.

The best way to deal with uncertainty about your opponents fleet composition is scouting. Just like any strategy game. You deploy a expandable scout to find out what your opponent has or has planned. Escorts are cheap use them.

Well, nearly every strategy game I've ever played has a loading screen that tells me my opponents Faction. Or a score panel that lists it. The worst case scenario is(ok Aside from Battlefleet Gothic Armada series apparently) is When your enemy picks random and you don't know. But thats offset by him not knowing either until he's in.

And I've never heard of a blind pick tournament.

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On one hand, as a necron player It would help going against say druhkari if I new to bring a very light list. On the other hand, necrons are one of those really rigid factions that were mentioned and would probably be even more doomed than they usually are now, but thats more on Tindalos for not giving them any new ships/variants.

Cannot disagree more about torpedoes being underwhelming. They are absolutley devastating at close range, especially with imperial short-burns. Ive bricked full health battle barges in 2 salvos of torpedoes.

@chin00k Yeah, if you manage to make 8 of them hit they do very good damage. I've noticed that orks torpedoes are worse than the ones that others have though.

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@canned_f3tus MP Total War is an RTS and you do get to see what race you're playing against. I'd be happy if we can pick a race then join the queue. Once we get a game, and see what faction we're up against we then get to pick out of our saved fleets for the faction we picked.

TW is a Turn based grand strategy game with RTT elements. SC, DoW 1, CC. Now those are RTS games.