I have a measly six hours in this game so far, but having played the previous game for 78 hours and DoI for 43 hours along with all sorts of other "realistic" shooters for a significantly more embarrassing number of hours I can say that the recoil in this game is probably the weirdest out of all games I've played to date.

In my opinion, the vertical recoil is significantly overblown not just compared to the real world, but also other shooter games around it. Both in semi-automatic and in full auto, which makes getting kills extremely difficult. I won't say I'm the most skilled player in the world, but I can't be the only one noticing that the engagement distance in this game is significantly shorter than most other comparable games simply because you cannot put rounds on target at any real distance unless you've got a scope (we'll get back to those in a minute). I assume the current state of recoil in the game was designed to force slower engagements, but in my opinion all it does it cause shorter-range engagements. It's playabale as is, but certainly needs to be tweaked to be at it's best. Maybe if the game wasn't as stutter-y it would be a bit more manageable? Also, to make it clear, I feel like all guns in the game have ridiculous recoil, but specifically the assault rifles which don't appear to handle much better than battle rifles despite a significantly smaller round.

As for the scopes, I think it's absolutely wild that with PiP is only available for certain scopes. Not only is it immersion breaking for those of us that have the setups capable of running it, but more importantly it causes issues with how you play the game as without PiP your FoV is shortened and darkened/blurred whereas with PiP you have your regular field of view. Is there any specific reason it's not capable across the board? From the guns I've used scopes on that don't have it (AK, M16A2) it seems like it should be possible. Is it being worked on? I find it really jarring switching between the two when rounds are as short as they are and I really don't think the answer I've been getting in game ("just turn it off bro") is acceptable.