Implementations and Improvements

I think that there should be Prone and Lean implemented
I also think a much needed Loot all and also a double click on attachment to install to weapon.
Also ammo that is not needed and attachments should have an x to notify you so its easy to drop with an auto drop key for anything not needed.
NIght and day cycle.
when a player shoots they highlight on the map for 5 seconds.

And last and most importantly there should be more speed added to the Vaulting system as well as a new feature to Royale "Evasive Roll".

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Hello @Sckiz1,

Thank you for the suggestion. We appreciate it! I'll pass it on to the team!

Dear friends. I want to say that I loved the game "Fear the Wolves" since its release. Optimization is still a bit weak, mostly computer heavily processed footage of the grass, I think you need to decrease either the quality or quantity of grass in the game, she's certainly beautiful, and the atmosphere lends considerable, even though I have the recommended graphics card according to from the main website GeForce 970 GTX has a small lags or just stop game for 1 sec when moving from one part for example of a square to another, probably due to heavy load the kernel. I advise you to listen, as the grass in all games of this genre has a character - deplorable for a large number of PC users. Thank you ! At the moment, I enjoy the game and broadcast it daily on the Russian-speaking segment.

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