New patch inconveniences
  1. The pop up info for gear is really helpful, but is a little intrusive as far as being too solid in color.. maybe make them a little transparent? Same goes for the icon to vault over stuff.. flickers on screen, and is too big and in the way at times.

  2. RPD - while on full auto, seems to choke up and not shoot at times when trying to burst fire or semi fire in quick short bursts.

  3. Keep hearing the 'team mate pick-up sounds' from other players and not just my team mate. ( i know this because half of the time my teammate is afk and I'm still hearing it )

  4. OH and chat would be great, if at all, team chat.. since I don't have or use voip

Will add to this if anything else comes up

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Hey there,

Thank you for letting us know these issues. I've passed them along to the team!