I own a OCULUS RIFT and i was curious is there a way maybe to connect it to your game?
A terminator in VR emperor will that would be exciting to feel and to experience..
So if any idea how to, please let me know..o BTW..trolls don't bother..i love the game..!😱

This is one of the games that would really good with vr. One and only thing they got going is the environments.

However, your deluded if you think vr is coming to this game. There isn't even dedicated servers or any communication from the devs. Who the hell makes a mp game these days without a kick function?!

And of course the cancelled xbox version.

With the almost non existant player count (sub 100 generally speaking), there is very little chance of anything else other than the odd security update.

If they hadn't botched the launch, maybe things would have turned out different.

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