Trailer Animations Help?

I'm messing around with making a trailer mod and I am stuck at getting the legs to drop. I believe I'm using the proper XML code with a powered constraint, but I'm not sure how to actually model it in 3ds and there is no way to use a mesh to study it in 3ds.

Any help would be appreciated.

you need to have a separate cdt for the legs linked to the mesh itself, something like this:


like he said is a way but also you can skin the stands to a bone in the cdt of the stands that way you dont have to split your meshes too much

Hmmm ok. I had a bone and a cdt in there, but the legs and the cdt were both child of the bone.

So the legs need to be the parent of their cdt which is then referenced in the xml...


I can add a bone with the cdt as parent and then reference the bone in the xml? This seems to be how it's done done on the trailers I'm trying to study in the editor as they have a bone and a cdt for the legs, but it seems like the bone is the parent if I'm understanding the editor right.

Will play with it more tonight. Thanks for the help.

Got it working with the bone method!

On to the ramps now. I imagine the same method will work but with a hinge constraint instead.

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