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This is Coach Arthur Dee of 40 Below Gaming, writing from the top-of-the-world, interior Alaska, to share the first chapter of our Cabalvision Champions Ladder Season XII climb to the Cup.

First, I will have to briefly sum up our Season XI campaign

      • Season XI - The Khador Warmachines

In our inaugural XBLOX season, the club’s Orc team of the Khador Warmachines MKII was able to clinch a playoff berth with a ladder season record of 15-5-1; making them the #1 ranked Orc team, #6 ranked overall, and they entered the Champions Cup Round of 32 with the highest regular season Win% of 83.33. The lean TV, overwhelmingly normal-skilled, and militant Orc team finally crashed-out of the Cup in the first round in an exciting 1-2 overtime rematch loss to the clever Bretonnian anarcho-syndicalists of the Autonomous Collective, piloted by Coach @Defbal13 (“Come and see the violence inherent in the system… !”).

Season XI was exciting for myself and manager, edub 40below, for a number of reasons; foremost because it was our first step into competitive Blood Bowl on Focus Home Interactive/Cyanide’s XBLOX platform, as well as proving to ourselves that we could compete, qualify, and be relevant in the tournament playing an average of four matches a week.

If there are any fellow coaches, especially green coaches, dismayed or discouraged by the volume of matches some teams play (looking at you clawed-coaches!), or by the volume of matches it seems to take to develop a team you feel capable taking-on all-comers with, know that the game of Blood Bowl has enough depth to accommodate a number of coaching styles. By focusing on quality of matches over quantity of matches, or by steering a team that performs best at lower TVs, I believe this tournament is a worthy and attainable goal for any aspiring international gamers. Practice and study pays off. Also it must be said: the increased access to modern streaming, data, and replays accelerates competition in an unparalleled way- There has never been a better time to be a fan of Blood Bowl than in 2518.

Catch all the console action that is fit-to-view, including the finale to Season XI, with @Bernie-Buffon .

Channel: BernieBuffon BloodBowl Streamer

      • Season XII - The Dark’rside Dreampirates

At the close of the prior season, my manager and I decided that our next climb to the Cup would be made with an elf team; shortly thereafter the Dreampirates were born. As dynamic teams are more suited to my coaching-style, we drafted the most widely-used opening Dark Elf roster (4 Blitzers, 2 RRs) and filled it with the most nightmarish, brain-themed elves we could.
Here is our roster after 11 Matches*:

0_1517782977243_Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 1.22.04 PM.png
x3 Re-roll Counters
x1 Apothecary
x5 Fan Factor
TV 1630

Our only negative play experience (NPE) thus-far pertains to our W-D-L record (of course, hahaha). The Dark’rside Dreampirates are 8-0-3 and, as-of-writing, ranked #42 overall. Unfortunately, we have technically not lost any matches this season, those losses being Concessions born of connectivity issues. Our last game night was two disconnections back-to-back: a match dropped at halftime, and a match dropped at kickoff. This would not bother us (we are willing to simply play more matches to compensate for DCs), if it was not for the league’s concession rule, disqualifying any accounts with 5 concessions or more, in a single season. My manager and I are currently trying not to worry, and are taking our time in best-deciding how to approach internet/hardware connectivity in order to still compete, advance, and not be disqualified. We tried to salvage our game night, but it appeared that the Open Ladder was, hilariously, almost-exclusively populated with concessions/disconnections also.

Match-of-the-year so-far for us is doubtlessly the meeting of the Dreampirates and Just for Laugh, coached by whom I now refer to as the Goblin-King, @Clinclin in Week 2. Our team was still very early in development (Match 4, TV 1280), and it was the opening match for our first Witch Elf, in the goblin stadium of Fun Fun Land, in the Sweltering Heat. I have an immense respect for cunning Goblin coaches, and Clinclin’s team was frustratingly brilliant on the pitch. After inflicting NINE casualties against the elves in the first half, on the back of FOUR chainsaw casualties from ace Looney Tifou, and having the pitch cleared to a single panting elf (he eventually passed out from heat-exhaustion. Poor bastard.): Goblin-hubris struck, and flashes of elven-player superiority led to a second half as high in drama as the first half was in violence. As the Dreampirates from the Dark’rside were reduced to TWO players on the pitch, rookie Witch Elf Daria Dronechurch and rookie Blitzer Thracian Thunderthief together scored the fearless go-ahead touchdown and desperately prevented the goblin equalizer in the dying turns of the match to win 1-0. We got lucky, and will forever bare the scars of that meeting! I don’t remember the last time I was forced to put all of my remaining players on the line of scrimmage to receive a kick on Turn 9.

Thank You for your time, we hope you enjoyed our little narrative, and please let us know what kind of things you’d like to read about in the future.

      • Happy Gameday! Go Birds!
        [Edit]: Eagles Win!

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