League issues - xbox one

So I have several single player leagues running for races that were available before the expansion and for the new races I have made teams and have eternal leagues running.

I've had problems with single player league games not getting counted/recorded. I have had to play some rounds several times in a row to progress the league.

I'm also seeing a lot of issues with the eternal leagues.

Frequently the league is lost and no data will load. "competition not found"

I have one eternal league for a Khemri team... when I hit Y to start that game it instead starts the next game of my eternal league for my chaos dwarf team which is the next team to the right.

So something is definitely wrong with how the league data is being stored/retrieved.

Hey @Destraag,

Thanks for reporting this. It's a known issue, but we don't have a definite fix right now. What has worked for some players is to clear your replay files in the cabalvision menu. That might fix it for you.

I removed all replays. Which also seem to have storage issues.

I can confirm this did not resolve the issue of league games not getting counted for pre-existing single player leagues.

Haven't created or played enough of the eternal leagues since to know if those are working properly.

I have to be honest, every thread I have read on the topic suggests that is not a valid resolution. So I'm not optimistic. Hoping there will be a bugfix patch in the near future to resolve these issues.

EDIT - 2 weeks later since removing the replays I have had less issues... So it may not be the placebo I believed it to be. However I also haven't been saving formations. So I can't yet say all my storage woes are resolved.

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