To Cyanide Studio / Focus Home Interactive - Blood Bowl resolutions for 2019

Hello lads and happy new year. Well, the Blood Bowl 2 community of players has not received any news about their beloved game for a long time. These days we can see how Cyanide is announcing things about the Blood Bowl: Death Zone (a game that I personally think will not be very successful and will involve more waste of time and resources that could be spent on developing more content for Blood Bowl 2 or develop a new Blood Bowl 3).

Due to this lack of news i want to ask to Cyanide Studio + Focus Home Interactive what are their resolutions of Blood Bowl in 2019. Yes, we still have the CCL seasons going on but i think that the community support of the company towards a game with so many followers is quite scarce.

Does anyone know something about the future of this great game?

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@azorast someone looked up the steam analytics and found Death Zone had a peak of 3 players in the last 30 days. That poor 3rd wheel wanting a game!

Do we WANT a BB3? It was rough for too many vocal nit pickers regarding the transition from a complete BB to BB2 (and only 8 teams etc) despite the benefits. A wee update to BB2 would be awesome though but not sure it's lacking unless your after more teams and what have you or maybe an anniversary update with a special team jersey colour free to all players and some more decloned star player models (which appeals a lot actually - Big Bertha being male has always been a pet hate of mind esp as she's an Amazon accessable star who are meant to be all female).

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