ADS should center where u aim not where the center of the view is

Here's a quick test video with a laser sight at point blank to show the difference between where the barrel of the gun is aiming and where the ADS snaps to.

It seems like the ADS snaps to the movement of the character and not where you're actually aiming... This to me is what is causing my issues since the ADS is literally random at any time. At point blank, it's not a big deal but if you're trying to shoot at someone mid-range this difference can be very drastic.

Youtube Video

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Indeed. It caused a lot of problems even at close range to me. I never hipfire, since I'm all about landing precise single shots after each other. My first bullet always goes to shit, since the gun is aiming at an entirely different point at the hip compared to where I'm aiming with ADS.
This needs to change.

To me, it feels more intuitive for my sights to come up at the center of my screen, like in every other game. Could this be a setting?