What are the devs doing about these hackers?

I'm honestly seeing various hackers in the game, lots of recordings, too busy with work to spend a day editing and posting right now, but I know you guys deny all existence of cheating in PC games without video evidence (lol) so here is something I saw, clearly these guys are running rampant:

Youtube Video

This is why I restrict myself from 3/4 of the game and only play COOP, this, and the filthy snipers 200m of objectives who spend whole game sniping you every single time you try to go in a doorway or window. It sucks but I'm fed with PVP for now, too much years spent playing with these rampant issues (OK snipers are more OK than cheaters :D).

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What are the devs doing about these hackers?

EAC is banning them in waves.

If you spot an actual cheater in the game, feel free to report this individual directly to EAC via this form:

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