Xbox controller BREAKS the game completely

If you have a controller plugged in (XBox controller for me), you start the game then in menu you have the XBox controller scheme which suddenly appears in menu (press A, press X, and so on you see what I mean). Then you unplug the controller. then you search for let say a COOP game. Now you have join a COOP game, you still have the controller scheme enabled in game, you can not use keyboard to move, and you voice is automatically transmitted in game.

I can reproduce this every single time following the above steps.

Restart game now with the unplugged controller, you can use keyboard to play, and your voice is not auto transmitted in game.

Game should be compatible with controller unplugging, or have some sort of option to completely disable controller support or even better, BOTH.

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I've got XBox controller (wireless) connected (because it's charging over USB) just about all the time and it gives me no issues at all for playing with kb and mouse (apart from the menu hints being for controller buttons).

See for more details.

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Hey @omano,
Thank you for pointing out this issue. I've forwarded it to the team.

Have a nice day!

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