So is the game abandoned?

We need news. Break the silence. There is still so much more to fix in the game, eg the Storm Bolter marks 1 and 2 that fire only 1 bolt when it should fire 2 bolts (which make the Storm Bolters pathetically weak even with upgrades). So is there anything planned at all? Do something, please. I still have hopes for the game, even if it isn't as bright as I wish it would be.

Absolutely yes

No news since August last year

Such a shame, really. I often see sparks of greatness in the sea of mediocrity. Once I get bored of Special Missions and unlocked enough customizations to satisfy myself, there will be nothing to bring me back. I suppose it's because its really just an indie game under the guise of a triple A title; and it did not sell well enough to justify continued support.

Please let me clarify that I did not mean disrespect when I said that the game is an indie with a triple A coat of paint on top; the devs had inspiration and passion when creating Space Hulk: Deathwing, and that I respect and admire. But to seemingly abandon and forget about the game is disheartening.

Well you should have read all the posts, not just go with the first post...from the most archaic troll here! Game is everything but abandoned. I have a very short ques..and responses here work. So basically..What abandoned means for you mean future DLC..? They will got some for free...yes free..
People are to used to sandbox games and constant updates..this is a polished finished game..i don't have any issues or hiccups...If you do..check your specs..P.S What else would you want in this game? what work..?

No news since august, yes, itยดs abandoned.

No your mind is abandoned.. ๐Ÿ˜› and i did ask you...what do you expect from a finished game..its not alpha or beta.. ๐Ÿ˜› come on man..whats yout que with this BS..go live a little..Trolls need love to

A couple more of months and still no news since August last year.

It's not finished, still has bugs.


No news since August 2018.

You still think this semi-game is not abandoned?

Sad. I hope we hear something. The game has potential why just abandon it or at least communicate that

Topic is absolutely true.

No news since August 2018, we are getting close to 1 year with no news.

Abandoned? Absolutely